BEHOLD: The app that lets you control your dreams

Nobody wants the bad dreams they have, but there is no escape from them. Or wait a second: According to a sleep experiment conducted by psychologists at the University of Hertfordshire in England in the period of two years, an application can be made that allows users to craft and shape their “dream of dreams”. With the application called Dream:ON, users can choose from over 40 different “soundscapes” to play as they sleep. So the dreamer can choose a walk in the woods, chilling on the beach or be transported to the Wild, Wild West.

The application works based on the hearing sense. We are all blind when we are dreaming, but we can still hear our surroundings and we often integrate sounds into our dreams. So, the app has taken advantage of this process, explains the app developer Richard Wiseman, who is also a psychology professor at the University of Hertfordshire and author of the Night School.

Wiseman and his team asked 1000 people to describe their ideal dream, in order to come up with all the different soundscapes. Out of their answers, the team created the soundscapes from the most popular topics, among which, believe it or not, is “50 shades of grey”. They have come up with the conclusions that the nature-based soundsapes produce more relaxing dreams, whereas the cityscape more bizarre ones. So the people that choose the nature soundscape are more likely to dream of greenery and flowery, and those who choose the beach soundscape, are more likely to dream of feeling the sun on their skin.

So here’s the way application works: You simply select your desire soundscape, set up an alarm clock, and make sure your iPhone is not buried underneath pillows and blankets. The application monitors your movements in sleep. If it detects a lack of movement, indicative of dreaming, it will start playing your selected soundscape. For a good mood in the morning, the applications targets the last dream you have before waking up. “Having positive dreams influences people to wake up I a good mood’, says Wiseman. Therefore, Dream:ON can be very helpful with the cases of depression.