A Beauty Hack Every Female Needs To Know

We all know natural remedies are great, even though they require longer time to act. Still, they are better than modern medicines since they have no chemicals. The natural cures are easy to make at home and cheap too, also you probably already have the ingredients. Read more below.

A Beauty Hack Every Female Needs To Know

How to remove wrinkles around the mouth?

Get 200 g beeswax, fresh marigold blossoms and 750 ml olive oil. Boil these at low degrees for a minute and leave it to sit overnight. The next day, heat it and stir before placing it in a container. Apply on the wrinkles daily for 15 days.


Mix part cucumber juice and equal part potatoes for under eye bags. This is like the method above. Remove the circles with this cucumber juice and lemon juice too. Apply under the eyes and wait 15 minutes. Then wash off.

Remove blackheads in 10 seconds

To do this mix 2 tsp vinegar and 2 tbsp cornflower. Rub it on clean face for 10 seconds and rinse with warm water.

Remove dark skin on armpits

This issue can make you feel ashamed and less confident, right? Especially in summer with sleevless shirts. Here are some remedies though. 1. Mix yoghurt, flour and 1 tbsp milk. Apply for 20 minutes and due to the lactic milk acid, skin will brighten. 2. Mix yoghurt, lemon juice, turmeric, gram flour. Apply and after a while, rinse. Do it for few weeks. 3. Coconut oil also can reduce dark skin if used regularly on armpits. Also it will nourish the skin.

Remedy for white hair

Chop garlic and add lemons and honey. Then add linseed and mix well before putting in a jar. Refrigerate the jar and before eating, consume this 2 times daily.

The other is curry leaves; boil them in coconut water, strain this and let it cool. Rub on the scalp gently, leave a few minutes and wash it.

The last one is cow milk butter on the scalp for 2 times a week. Do it a couple of months.

Cracked heels

Majority of people have cracked heel skin in the winter. Read these: 1. Ripe banana on the heels for 15 minutes. Then clean. 2. Hot water to soak and soften heels before pumice stone is used.

No dark neck

Soak cotton in lemon juice and apply on the neck. After 20 minutes wash with cool water and put cream. Avoid sun after this method.

Source: holisticlivingtips.com