Why Is Banana Good For Teeth Whitening?

Surely you have heard of the benefits of banana.

Anyway, this is a new thing you will lean. Banana is not just healthy, but also abundant in minerals, vitamins and nutrients among other things.

The banana peel though has special powers.

Do not throw it! You can make many recipes with it, but about the taste I couldn’t guarantee.

Why Is Banana Good For Teeth Whitening?

Before you see about the banana usage, let us see about the skin usage and benefits.

First of all, with it you can whiten the teeth. After a minute or two it is done! Take the peel and rub the teeth and gums. Then use toothpaste. This fruit has potassium, vitamin D, calcium and all of this is found in the peel too. Besides it has magnesium too and manganese among acids too and all of this removes stains. Also, the enamel is kept intact and healthy.

This video below shows the whole process of the whitening and other things too:

Source: holisticlivingtips.com