The “Banana For Breakfast” Diet – Easy And Cheap Way Of Losing Weight

The “banana for breakfast” diet is an extremely popular diet, which three years ago has caused lack of bananas on the Japanese market.

It’s cheap, and it doesn’t require counting calories or limitations in the food regime.

Rules of the diet:
  • Eat banana for breakfast. Start the day by consuming a banana. If one is not enough, you can eat another one, but don’t exaggerate. The bananas should be consumed fresh.
  • Drink a glass of water on a room temperature with the banana. If you have the habit of drinking coffee, do that 20 minutes after the breakfast.
  • The lunch and the dinner should be normal. This diet, as we have already mention, does not consist of counting calories. Yet, if you want the diet to be more effective, try reducing the consumption of greasy food. The only rule you need to follow is not to be overeaten.
  • Do not consume any desserts and sweets! Snacks are also banned. You can make an exception of this rule only after 3 p.m., when you can eat a little bit of chocolate or a small cookie.
  • Eat dinner no later than 8 p.m. After that, you’re not allow to eat anything until the next morning.
  • Do some exercises in order to achieve better results.

The bananas are an excellent source of potassium and fibers, which improves the digestion and keeps you satiated.

Another rule of the diet is that it requires you go to bed before midnight. It is scientifically proven that the lack of sleep can cause gaining weight, and the good sleep helps you keep a healthy weight.

The negative sides of the “banana for breakfast” diet is that it’s not created by nutritionists or medical experts. The biggest critic is that there are no limitation in the food one eats, and does not requite exercising, but only mentions it as an option.

However, there are people who are really satisfied of the results of this diet, and that is the biggest proof of all.