Arteries Cleanse with One Food Item – a Fruit !

arteries-cleanse-fruitThe prevention of cardiovascular diseases  and arteries cleanse is not going to be focused in medicine cabinets or pharmacies, but in the kitchen instead or in gardens and green markets.

Coronary artery diseases are prevented by pomegranates

The journal Atherosclerosis published a study that claimed pomegranate and its extracts could prevent or stop and remove any pathological symptoms about mortality linked to heart problems; the arteries thickening is provoked by fatty materials buildup – also known as atherosclerosis.

For this experiment, mice were test subjects, and these mice had the predispositions for spontaneous blocking of arteries. They were fed pomegranate in the shape of extract in their drinking water, and they drank this for 2 weeks. The mice were 3 weeks old. This treatment with pomegranate leveled up the cholesterol associated with low dense lipoprotein particles; this treatment lowered the size of an atherosclerotic plaque placed in the aortic sinus (this is the space above the aortic valve) and also lowered the proportion between coronary arteries and atherosclerosis plaque subsequently.

It was remarkable that the scientists found out how pomegranate extract had these benefits to it:

  • Low level of oxidative stress
  • Low monocyte chemotactic protein-1 (chemical messenger, Chemokine) linked with inflammation in the arteries
  • Low accumulation of lipids in the heart muscle
  • Low infiltration of macrophage in the heart muscle
  • Low levels of monocyte chemotactic protein-1 and fibrosis (to the myocardium)
  • Lowered enlarging of the heart
  • Low ECG abnormal issues

Now some may ask how can a fruit, such a common product of everyday life, stop or prevent such serious health problems, as the study claims? There is a simple answer to it; the ancestors of our generations used certain food items a lot and often, like some fruits for example. They used them for so long that if the amount of these foods was lower, some organs would not function well without the large previous amount of that same food item. The organs would even start to fail and deteriorate. Linus Pauling, a Nobel prize winner (2 times), said that vitamin C deficiency is the main cause of heart problems – because our primal ancestors had these fruits at hand all year long and because of that, they didn’t have the need to synthesize it.


This study is just an addition to a bunch of researchers saying that pomegranate even unclogs the arteries. For example, in 2004, the Clinical Nutrition journal published the results from a 3 year long clinical trial of Israeli people, the outcome was eating pomegranate daily or drinking the juice, lowered carotid artery stenosis by 29% in just one year. Also, any blockings changed by 9%, meaning the pomegranate really unblocks arteries.

These benefits of pomegranate signify it is a wonder for the heart:

  • Anti-inflammation: inflammation, like other chronic diseases, damages the heart and its health severely. On could be found 5 studies about this benefit of pomegranate
  • Lowering the blood pressure: the juice of pomegranate contains natural angiotensin that converts any enzyme inhibition processes; is also an enhancer of nitric oxide; reduces blood pressure. Also, extract from pomegranate has a lot of punicalagin and this ingredient reverses the effects of stress on the arteries with bad flow in them
  • Anti-infection: the buildup of plaque in arteries is linked to secondary viral or bacterial infections like hepatitis C or Chlamydia pneumonia.
  • Antioxidant: heart diseases are provoked by oxidation in blood lipids (atherogenic changes). The LDL could be raised up technically, but it is not dangerous at all if it doesn’t oxidize. Now, the pomegranate lowers the stress from oxidation in the blood, measured by serum paraoxonase levels. In a study with the test, mice were found out that the oxidation stress was linked to 44% of the reduction in atherosclerotic lesions size.


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