Are You Urinating Frequently? You Should Stop Consuming These Foods!

Today we will talk about the need to go pee all the time. If you notice that your urge to pee is happening more frequently, there are must be some reasons for that. Or maybe it is your diet.

Overactive Bladder

OAB or overactive bladder causes the often incontrollable and sudden urge to urinate. It can be accompanied by incontinence or leakage of urine. This condition bugs about 40 percent of the women in American and 30 percent of men, but probably the number is much higher, because many people are embarrassed to talk about their condition. Others might not ask because they do not know about the treatments for this condition.


The overactive bladder has different treatments, and this condition is not taken as “just part of getting older”. There are some treatments for people who have just the urge without the leakage. Most available treatments don’t involve a surgery. Some only treat the symptoms, and some address the issue itself. But, you should let your doctor know.

Foods that can bug the bladder

1. Alcohol

We know that you have probably guessed this one. You know this from those nights that were accompanied by too much alcohol when you need to pee 3 times every hour. It looks like the alcohol futzes with the brain signals, and it makes the brain sound like an “alert” far more frequently than is needed. So, keep your glasses small and then have fewer than you would have normally.

2. Caffeine

This includes tea, coffee, and chocolate. They contain acid, and that is an eternal bladder irritation, especially if the bladder is already sensitive. But, the caffeine can acts like a diuretic and it flushes the fluids from the body. That is the reason why the coffee leaves your mouth dry.

3. Acid Foods

Pineapple, citrus fruits, apples, grapes, cranberries, tomatoes, and even some condiments (salad dressings, ketchup, vinegar)… anything that is high in acid, a great way to see if your condiments contains an acid listed in its ingredients (the vinegar counts like an acid).

4. Artificial Sweeteners

This is one great reason to remove the artificial sweeteners from the diet. The artificial sweeteners are notorious bladder irritants. So, try to remove them from the diet and see what will happen. It might help to relieve some existing problems.

5. Spicy Food

The spicy food can bug your bladder. This includes onions and horseradish. So, try to find some milder versions, pull the core and the seeds from your peppers, or shallots instead of the regular onions.

6. Fizzy Drinks

The fizzy drinks can make the overactive bladder even worse. This includes club soda, tonic water, and also the most common sodas. So, if you have a sensitive bladder, better skip these drinks.

At the end, there are a few things that you should keep in mind if you are urinating more than the normal, (the normal is between four to 10 times during 24 hours. If you pee more than these, maybe it is time to see a doctor. It can be a symptom of some health condition or diabetes.

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