Are the Red Bananas Great for Your Health?

Now, the most popular kind of bananas in the world is the Cavendish banana or full-yellow large ones, but the red bananas, but the red bananas are so close and they are so popular in the countries of North America and also in Asia. The red bananas are becoming popular in America because many studies show that they have many nutritional benefits, ad they are nutritionally superior to the yellow bananas. The red bananas are healthy for you, and here we will show you why.


Image Credits: Genet (Wikimedia)

Red Bananas Health Benefits

Great source of the good beta-carotene – it has been discovered that the red bananas have more beta-carotene that the other types of bananas. The flesh of the red bananas has a darker shade of yellow in a comparison to the light color of the other bananas. That is because of the very high presence of the beta-carotene.

Many health experts recommend an everyday consumption of beta-carotene, from vegetables and fruits, because this compound is so healthy for the body. The beta carotene in the body is converted into a Vitamin A, and it is important for a good eyesight, healthy skin and great immune system. The beta carotene helps in the prevention of inflammation in the organism, it is a strong antioxidant, and it protects the arteries from hardening or thickening. Also, it protects the body against possible heart diseases and cancer.

They are good for the kidneys- the red bananas are very rich in potassium, which is a mineral important for healthy body function. Also, the potassium prevents the formation of those boring kidney stones. Also, it helps in the retention of the calcium, so it improves the bone health. In general, the bananas are rich in potassium, but the red bananas are very rich in potassium.

Great source of vitamin C – just one 99g red banana has 15 percent of the daily recommended vitamin C value. The vitamin C is important for the immune system and for the metabolism.

Great source of dietary fiber – just one red banana can give you about 5 percent of the daily recommended amount of dietary fiber. In those countries like India, it is usual to eat banana after a dinner or lunch, to aid with the right excretion of the food. Those people with constipation and problems with bowel movement should eat bananas.

Good for the blood – it has been discovered that the red bananas can improve the quality of the blood and the hemoglobin because they contain many antioxidants and vitamins. Those people with anemia should eat red bananas every day.


The red bananas have more delicious flavor, are more delicious, in a comparison to the regular bananas. It has a raspberry flavor in the flesh of these bananas and they are great for ice-cream splits and fruit salads. You should eat these bananas when the skin has a deep tint of red, because that shows that the flesh is creamy and soft. If the red bananas are not ripe, you should leave them for a couple days at a room temperature, and then you can consume them.

They are great for you because they can offer many important health benefits. So you can mix the red banana with the yellow one.