Apple diet

…Or a three-apples diet

This diet régime is created by the American nutritionist Tammy Flin. Namely, she noticed that her clients, who eat an apple before the meal, lose weight without changing their regular diet habits. After some experiments on the subject, she decided to apply a similar method to some other clients (the ones who didn’t eat an apple before their meal). The results were excellent: With only one apple before every meal the clients were losing approximately 1 kilogram a week. This encouraged her to draw out more than that: she created a helpful nutritious plan which induced the weight loss even more, a plan known as The Apple Diet or a Three-Apples Diet.

Basic facts of the Apple Diet

This diet includes consuming one apple before each main meal. The idea is that the fibers that the apples contain can kill the hunger easily and by that, the body would need less food and people won’t feel a need for sweets after the meal.

This is a nutritious plan with relatively small amounts of carbohydrates and decreased intake of saturated fats. The refined sugars are out of questions, and people use only ingredients with low level of glycemic index.

The recommended number of meals is 4-5 smaller ones a day, based on healthy food with a low amount of fats. Every meal or a snack should contain a protein, and it is proved that this combination decreases the appetite and induces weight loss.

People consume more fruits and vegetables with this diet, lowering the total amount of calories, without feeling hungry.

Recommended food

Apples, low-fat cheese, low-fat yoghurt, eggs, chicken breasts, turkey meat, fish, lean beef, oats, integral rice, green salad….

An example of a menu

-An apple

-Omelet with low-fat cheese

-A cup of boiled oats

Before noon snack

-A piece of low-fat cheese

-A cup of low-fat yoghurt


-An apple

-Grilled chicken breasts

-2 cups of steamed broccoli

-a cup of integral rice

An afternoon snack

-capuchino shake


-An apple

-Grilled salmon

-Green salad

Exercising recommendations:

A combination of a light practice with weights and a cardio practice 3-4 times a week is recommended, with a minimum 30 minutes amount of time

Reasons for practicing this diet

-Consuming one apple before the meal loses the hunger and lowers the possibility of overeating.

-Apples contain diet fibers that reduce the cholesterol levels.

-Apples contain flavones which help in the prevention of heart diseases and certain types of cancer

-Meals are well-balanced; contain fat-free proteins, complex carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables

-The bigger protein intake from the lean meat helps in the appetite loss and keeps the muscle mass during the diet

-The Apple diet encourages the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables

-Easy for practicing-there isn’t any calories watching or measuring

-Encourages the physical activity

Why shouldn’t you practice the diet

-You might get bored to eat one apple before every meal

-You eliminate a number of ingredients that you’re used to consume (sweets mostly)

-It could be hard to practice for the vegetarians who like to follow the diet plan strictly


The three-apple diet, along with its apple before each meal and the diet plan will probably result in weight loss, if one follows it strictly. There are potential health benefits which are really important.

It could get boring, and you can’t cheat in the diet plan. So if you really decide to practice it, you should change your life style, which is not an easy task…. The choice is yours.