Anxiety Can Make You Obese, Sick And Depressed. With These 10 Herbs Have Better Effects Than Drugs

The mental problems are more serious than people think.

Almost 70% Americans have taken or take prescribed drugs, and half of these take at least 2 types of pills.

Probably 1 of 4 Americans have had some mental problems and disorders like anxiety or depression during 1 year. This makes antidepressants second most sought drugs in USA, as to Dr. Jennifer St. Sauver (1,2).

Sadly, the common antidepressants like Benzodiazepines have too many side effects (3):

  • Mood swings (hallucinations, suicidal mood)
  • Slurred speaking
  • No coordination
  • Trouble walking
  • Memory problems
  • Yellowish skin and eyes
  • Seizure

Before you take them, at least consider these 10 herbs that resolve bad mood:

Anxiety Can Make You Obese, Sick And Depressed. With These 10 Herbs Have Better Effects Than Drugs


This is an amazing smelling exotic flower that acts like sedative too. In tradition is known for anxiety reducing, insomnia, hysteria or seizures reduction.

Experts think this flower levels up the chemicals gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA) in brains.

This GABA reduces some brain cell activities thus relaxing you. It acts like Oxazepam (Serax) and is less negative on the focus impact.


This is a herb used by Scandinavians and Chinese for reducing stress, fatigue and better mood.

It decreases activity in sympathetic system and levels heartbeat, short breaths, dizziness, shaking and nausea.

Also it promotes serotonin release for happiness and relaxation too.


This is used for aromatherapy and healing for mild and moderate depression among other disorders.

It protects nerves too and makes mood better linked to disorders.

This herb is safe for skin use and ingesting too so when you have a bath enjoy by adding a few drops lavender oil in the water, or make tea or even put dry blossoms next to the pillow!


This Ayurveda medicine is known for agoraphobia help (fear of crowds and open spaces).

64 volunteers in a study from 2012, recorded that this herb reduces cortisol levels or stress levels. It can be taken as supplement pill but it is better like tea form.


What is better than chamomile tea at night? You will sleep better and be less anxious. Some studies shown this is like mild antidepressant, according to Hamilton Depression Rating (HAM-D) surveys. This was compared to placebos.

The active ingredient, apigenin, luteolin and a-bisabolol make you relaxed and lower pressure.


This smell makes a really good mood. It was even said these such smells reduce anxiety by 63% than just humid air alone.

That is why there are vanilla candles, spa creams and cosmetics.


This root can be like tea or pill for insomnia, headache and anxiety.

It has a strong smell but you can take it quickly and remove this aftertaste with molasses and maple syrup, one spoon only.

John’s Wort

This can be purchased anywhere in health stores and even in your own yard.

According to physician Klaus Linde from Munich Technical University, this herb  is better than Prozac without those side effects.

But, this herb can mess up health when taken with birth control pills, so talk with a doctor or an expert.

Lemon balm

This is a wonderful citrus leaf for beating anxiety and improve symptoms in dementia patients.

It triggers attention, memory and relaxation. It is easy to crop and grow so it is safer than drugs.


This protects nerves and is delicious and tasty. When smelled, it improves memory and cognition. Also, removes tension.

The oil from this is perfect compared to painkillers (morphine) or antidepressants.

Keep in mind, you always need an expert or naturopath before trying anything. Keep it safe just in case. To remove stress and have good mood, herbs are not enough. Change lifestyle for better, exercise and meditate and get therapy.