Antibiotics consumption during pregnancy can weaken the baby’s immune system

Antibiotics during pregnancy are dangerous for the unborn child, confirms the study of Philadelphia American Child Hospital. The drugs that destroy the infections can influence the baby’s immune system and it can weaken it.

The mothers strengthen their child’s immune system by transfer of the intestinal bacteria. These bacteria inhibit the production of the white blood cells, i.e. leukocytes, which are responsible for the strengthening of the immune system. The antibiotics consumption reduces the level of these useful bacteria, at the same time reducing the production of the white blood cells, writes “Daily mail”.

The increased production of leukocytes begins in the very first days after birth, which is a natural protection against the unsterile environment. But the antibiotics reduce their production level and make the newly born child subjected to infections, especially to Escherichia coli. This is exceptionally dangerous for children born before the due date, confirms the study.

“After the child is born, it transfers from a sterile environment into a world full of microorganisms. People and animals adjust to this new environment by increased production of leukocytes within the first few days after birth. And the antibiotics disrupt the production of leukocytes”, says the research leader, Hitesh Deshmuk.

Although a numerous researches are yet to be conducted, the scientists stress that the usage of antibiotics during pregnancy should be considerably lower.