An anti-cellulite diet

The anti-cellulite diet helps the body removes the toxic material. So it is not about losing weight, but it’s all about consuming delicious and easily digestive food. Pay attention to the products you choose and the way you consume those.

Food that should be consumed:
  • VEGETABLES – fresh, boiled or vegetable juices
  • FRUIT – fresh or fruit juices
  • EGGS – boiled or fried in oil
  • YOGHURT – as an addition to a fresh fruit or oats
  • MILK – low fat
  • MEET AND FISH – boiled or baked, without fats and skin
  • WATER – at least 6-8 glasses a day
  • DRIED BREWER’S YEAST – two spoons mixed with fruit juice and you should drink it 15 minutes after the meal
A few recommendations:
  • Never eat fast
  • Avoid tension during the meal – don’t watch TV for a start
  • Eat always at the same time, this way your food will be properly digested
  • Always enjoy the food, even when there are limitations. Use your fantasy, create interesting and fun menus
Things you should avoid:

Sausages, bacon, crackers, salty meat, salty cheese, fried food, sodas, sour cream, hot dogs, soup in a can, strong spices and spicy foods, a big amount of coffee
In order to remove the cellulite faster and more effective, a massage to certain parts of the body is recommended, stretching exercises, cardio exercises and walks in nature.