An Ancient Cure For Resolving Sinus Infections In No Time

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I used to have frequent sinus infections and my doctor said I no longer respond to antibiotics. Can Ayurveda help?

In conventional medicine, this is known as sinusitis, it has painful symptoms made by fungi, bacteria, viruses or allergies to pollen, dust, pollution, and other things. As to Ayurveda, every person reacts differently depending on the dosha, i.e., the body’s principles.

An Ancient Cure For Resolving Sinus Infections In No Time

For example, too much draft exposure causes some infections and we blame the dry, cold, moving dosha that takes care of the flow in the body. Sometimes liver irritant like alcohol is the cause, or dust and pollen intolerance too. The Ayurveda links these with pitta dosha, the main for the metabolism and dealing with inflammations.

Lastly, dampness, overeating, heavy dinner meals, cold sodas, ice cream, desserts make the kapha unbalanced (dosha for lubricating) and we get sinusitis.

Regardless of the cause, every sinus issue reacts to things like balance kapha – regulator in the mucus and fluids inside the sinus. Slow, cold, heavy and sticky kapha is proper with foods that have the opposite benefit. Opt for light foods that are warm, cooked well (steamed veggies, veggie soups, whole grains cooked, clear watery soups, cooked fruits).

Avoid the alcohol, red meats, and icy cold drinks/foods. Also, avoid curdle foods like dairy and the non-dairy versions. In case you have congestion and pressure, have more herbal teas during the day. Or try to inhale steam of a pot for 1o minutes, 2 times daily. Add a few eucalyptus drops In this to smell more and open up the nostrils and remember – eyes closed for this!

In case you have a sinus issue history, you must have weak immunity too. These two go hand in hand. Also digestion is intertwined in this combo. Foods that digest poorly and slow, overburden the digestion system and create sticky AMA toxin. This excess of ama goes to the weakest body spots, like sinuses here, and block the normal work.

For making immunity stronger, detox. Boil some spring water and sip it warm all day long. For more relief, in 2 quarts, put this: 2 slices ginger root, 4 mint leaves, 2 cloves, 1 tsp marshmallow root. This tea resolves the ama. Keep it in thermos and sip all day.

At last, use spices that promote good digestion and immunity: ginger, turmeric, coriander, cumin, fennel and pepper black. They make sinus draining more easy and fast.


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