You Will Be Amazed If You Eat This Breakfast Every Morning!

amazing-breakfastOat bran
This food item has a lot of nutrients that we need daily; fibers for example. They make you feel full longer during the day if you eat it for breakfast, according to studies conducted. Also, fibers control the cravings you might have later.

The bigger the breakfast – the better

The best recommendations are to have a lot on your plate first thing in the morning. That is because the metabolism works the fastest after we wake up so more food will be processed and more fat tissue will be lost.


Those that had an oatmeal bowl portion each day said they felt less hungry in those days, in comparison to people that ate cereals, in amount as the same caloric value as the oatmeal.


1 or 2 eggs for breakfast is great for weight loss and good protein morning boost – better than eating regular bagels for sure! The eggs have a lot of protein – 5,5 gr in one medium size egg, so this means not feeling hungry a longer while. Eggs also have chlorine and this is good for your cardiovascular health and the nervous system too.




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