9 Ways For Improving The Posture

Posture is our way of poses during sitting, lying or standing up. It has a major role for many issues. A good posture means confidence and stops the back aches. You will have less risk of osteoporosis with age. A bad posture means many health problems like cardiopulmonary ones that cause hard time breathing, blood flow problems, joint pains and other. Also, a good posture makes you look more attractive and younger.

9 Ways For Improving The Posture

This is how to correct it:

  1. Never slouch- do net bend to the front when you walk. This is how you keep the spine good. Try to imagine you have books on the head and balance them.
  2. Take a break- many jobs are just sitting on a chair for hours in a row. Every half an hour try to walk a bit and stretch. For the break, go to the park or eat outside. This soothes the back and reduces stress too.
  3. Align the hips and shoulders- to see if you have bad or good posture, see this balance. After working hours check it. Lean the back against a wall and flatten the shoulders and hips.
  4. Sit up- always sit straight against a chair. Have a comfy chair and position.
  5. Support lumbar- for a great posture, have a good quality chair. This will also soothe the lower back too. The chair has to support both the hips and neck! And you can try with a small pillow just in case.
  6. Avoid back risks and injuries- avoid to lift heavy things and put strain on the back. This will save you the trouble of spinal pain too and lordosis, scoliosis…

For heavy things use a cart with wheels.

  1. Workouts- some workouts help a lot, like core, yoga and plank. Still, talk with an expert first.
  2. Diets- food also plays a role. Strong bones require good food. Drink milk, especially if you enter menopause. Eat green leafy veggies and get supplements.
  3. Consulting- always talk with experts for the health. If your back aches a lot and posture changes, see one immediately.

Source: ideadigezt.com