9 Teas With Pesticides To Avoid Buying! And The Teas You Should Be Buying!

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In history, the earliest thing recorded was consuming tea, in 3rd century China. After 1400 years it became a mark for Britain, and after that the America and Atlantic. More than 80% households have and prepare tea.

This beverage becomes more and more popular. It doesn’t matter what kind of tea it is, it is directly influencing the sales. CBS Canada made a study and showed that the most wanted 10 types of tea in USA are toxic.

9 Teas With Pesticides To Avoid Buying! And The Teas You Should Be Buying!

They have pesticides in them that diminish the purpose of the tea and can cause even cancers. These labels of the brands showed more than allowed levels of toxins.

Tea pesticides

The CBS Marketplace was in 2014 and 9 out of 10 Canadian teas also have pesticides. They were:

  • Earl Gray- Twinings
  • Green tea- Tetley
  • Yellow label black tea- Lipton
  • Orange pekoe- Signal
  • Jasmine green tea- Uncle Lee’s Legends of China
  • Orange pekoe- King Cole
  • Black tea- No name
  • Green tea- Uncle Lee’s Legends of China
  • Pure green tea- Lipton

The worst 3…

Twinings Earl Grey. The famous classy tea is third place for toxin content. It had most acetamiprid that causes nausea, hypothermia, weakness in muscles, convulsion and vomiting.

Tetley Green tea is number 2. It had high levels of acetamiprid and chlorfenapyr that even in a small dose, causes damage. These signs can even show up after 2 weeks of having the tea. Tetley had 18 pesticides ready to be consumed!

Uncle Lee’s Legends of China is number one “winner’. It has 10 times more than the healthy allowed limit and has acetamiprid, chlorfenapyr and bifenthrin. These cause cancer

Wait, there is another tea winner…

The red rose

This tea of all tested teas had ZERO toxins. The orange pekoe is a tasty, healthy and amazing tea that also is eco friendly.

Another certified along this one is the Rainforest Alliance made on sustainable farms with no other damages.

This company sworn to work by ethics both for people and the nature.they guide themselves to the Fairtrade Legislation.

Natural tea brands

If someone uses marketing to say a product is natural it doesn’t mean is true.

Some names like Trader Loe’s, Tazo, Yogi use pesticides producing, artificial flavors and even GMO. It was spread on the internet aside from Teavana reports, and there was some difference made even a small one.

Yogi in particular made some changes during the last 2 years when their customers became angry for this pesticide producing. Sadly, the flavors still exist in the products. But, all in all, it is good to see companies that take care for the people at least a bit. Next time you hesitate for the tea, opt for the organic Numi and Traditional Medicinals.

To have good health and save the eco systems around us, avoid toxin and pesticide produces. Just take a stand against such companies and they will have to change at some point. Every change starts locally.

Source: theheartysoul.com

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