9 Neglected Signs That The Body Needs Natural Detox

The modern life brings many damages to the body and toxins too, so since the air is polluted that is normal. Also we use chemicals, eat non organic food and ingest hormones.

Also here are meds and cigarettes to make it even worse. Our health is perfect but not as we might think actually! We need a cleanse once in a while.

9 Neglected Signs That The Body Needs Natural Detox

First, see the sings for a cleanse, and they are:

  1. More belly fat- the excess belly fat means the body is toxic and cannot regulate the glucose as we think it might, for the cholesterol metabolism.
  2. Skin problems- excess toxins means more skin problems inflammations, itching and rosacea.
  3. Headaches- the toxins inflame the central nervous system and make migraines and headaches.
  4. Overheat- a lot of toxins make the liver overwork. So it makes more heat and the whole body is hot all the time.
  5. Low energy- too much toxins means feeling tired.
  6. Congestion in sinuses- the sinuses are congested since the air we breathe is toxic.
  7. Insomnia- if toxins invade every tissue, there is low blood flow and we cannot sleep.
  8. Gallbladder issues- toxins in the liver make the bile dense and can clog the gallbladder.
  9. White and yellowish tongue- if the tongue is yellowish white, it means there are toxins in the bloodstream.

But, here are some remedies for detoxing:

  1. Epsom salt- these baths are really good and raise the magnesium levels that is much needed. Also, they remove metals and lessen the pain. Just add 2 cups Epsom salt in the bathtub and soak. Repeat 3 times weekly. However, this is not good for hypertension and heart issues.
  2. Green tea- this tea has many antioxidants and removes free radicals. It also has epigallocatechin 3 gallate EGCG that is a great antioxidant which protects the liver. Just take 2-3 cups green tea per day or supplements of green tea 100-750 mg.
  3. Lemons- the lemon juice is the best detox agent and makes more bile while it stimulates mineral absorbing. They have antioxidants and vitamin C that improves immunity. The fruit and the peel both have d-limonene that works up enzymes in the liver. So, always drink cup warm water and lemon after waking up. Also mix the water with ½ cup lemon juice and honey, and dash of pepper, take it daily a few weeks.

Source: holisticlivingtips.com