Here Are the Best 8 Uses of VapoRub Vicks

8-vaporub-vicks-usesThe Vaporub is a really popular product bought over the counter and considered a medicine since it is really different from other medicines that are like cosmetics let’s say. Lately, all the medicines are in the shape of pills or similar aids with prescriptions. Vicks is based on vapors. An expert from eHow, Birdie Cavanaugh claimed how camphor and eucalyptus oil and also mentol are the top 3 holy ingredients in Vicks and help in coughs when you inhale it and breathe it. This is also great for topical analgesic functions.

This is all familiar to all of us, but Vicks can offer you a lot more than just this. Many remedies similar to this offer freshness with strong smells. They are listed below.

  1. Headaches- for a regular headache, watch AnswersVideo for tutorials; just apply Vicks on the temples to soothe the ache. For sinus problems, Livestrong suggests ointment application under the nose to breathe in slowly.
  2. Muscle pain- take Vicks and massage it on the sore muscles, then put a wrap on them in a dry towel, also suggested by Livestrong.
  3. No ear pain- this can be caused probably by an ear infection trapped inside but also a regular cold or flu, as said by WebMD. Even if you take the doctor’s advice, the pain can still linger for a while. Home Remedies for Life will give you a list of steps for using a cotton ball and Vicks vapoRub. Rub the cotton and place it inside the ear during the whole night.
  4. Fungus in toenails- the toenails can get infected but you can put VapoRub on them even 3 times daily as much as you want for many days, according to eHow. It can even last weeks and months too.
  5. Crack on heels- take Vicks and put it on the heels of the feet and massage them gently. Do this at night and sleep with socks on. In the morning rinse off with warm water and do exfoliation with pumice as Livestrong says.
  6. Repel all the bugs- AnswersVideo says to apply a bit of Vicks to the clothes to repel bugs and all insects. If you get a bugbite, rub the ointment on that bite for instant relief.
  7. No animals near you- no cats and cat hair on the furniture if you put Vicks and dab it on the cloth.
  8. Heal quickly bruises and cuts- put a thin layer of Vicks with salt to a bruise. This mix aids in the circulation of the blood so the bruise fades away quicker than usual, as Livestrong says. Also, AnswersVideo suggests putting ointment on small cuts to heal them fast naturally. But, eHow warns you to stop putting it on OPEN WOUNDS that are a serious or too damaged and gentle skin!


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