8 Uses For Honey

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The raw honey is the best honey. Out of the hive, natural and healthy. The benefits are physical and others too, overall good. Even in history time, honey was used instead of sugar. It was primarily best as sugar usage since it didn’t make spikes in blood sugar and regulated them instead. Also it is antibacterial and antfungal too so it cures many issues.

8 Uses For Honey

These are the beneficial uses for it:

Face cleanser

It is great for the face skin washing since it is antibacterial. It cures acne, itching and inflammation. Also the sticky structure removes dirt better. Also it keeps skin moisturized better.

Better digestion

This treats indigestion in all age groups, mostly due to heavy, fatty diets. Honey cannot ferment in the belly so it helps with the digesting. Take 1-2 tbsp per day.

Flu and cold cure

Make a mix of honey, ginger, hot water, lemon, cinnamon. Every item here cures the flu signs and soothes the throat too.

Against acne

Due to antibacterial benefits it kills bacteria on the skin too. It will soothe and nourish the skin and reduce the redness. Apply it on the pimples and leave overnight.


This skin when sunburnt is dry and irritated since there is no moisture and is damaged. Honey can prevent further itching and inflammation deeper in the tissues. Mix aloe and honey equal parts and put on the skin.

Better sleep

If you often wake up it means the stress hormones are working up again. This is the cortisol hormone and can be sometimes often imbalanced. Next time you wake up eat a bit of honey and go back to bed.

Burns and wounds

Because it removes bad bacteria it also heals some small wounds and soothes skin and its redness. Put it on a gauze and then secure on the wound. There will be no infection, inflammation, redness or odor.

Fading scars

It lightens the scar skin and skin in general, soothes it and removes bad bacteria. Also makes new skin grow out healthier and softer. Massage the skin often with honey and even mixed with olive oil.

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