Obvious Signs of Lung Cancer – 8 of Them You Should Know About

8-signs-lung-cancerThe most commonly noted type of cancer is lung cancer, with almost 402,326 victims in America these days. It is the most dangerous with highest mortality results noted and responsible for more than 27% of cancer deaths in this age.

It is the same with every cancer – if it’s found out in early stages the chances might be good for a treatment with positive results. That is why you must know the early signs and recognize any negative changes, some are obvious, some not, but if any are seen – contact your doctor right away.

  1. Cough that won’t stop

Cough is a simple and obvious symptom for less serious conditions too, like cold or a flu, but if the cough doesn’t stop after 2 or more weeks it could mean something more serious like cancer.

  1. Changed breathing

The sound of the cough and its changes can cause deep pains that require treatments and medicines. If you cough blood or some mucus that is greenish or rusty, the chances of cancer are high.

  1. Difficult breathing

Difficult breathing might mean a lot of things, but usually, it starts with short breaths and unable to breathe deeply. With cancer, breathing becomes heavy because the tumors in the lungs stop or block air in the air pathways and that results in accumulating fluids next to the lungs. Such short breaths will obstruct with even the simplest daily activities.

  1. Pain in the chest

This type of pain will alter, sometimes dull sometimes sharp, sometimes persistent more than another time. It doesn’t appear alone; it goes along back pain too. Chest pain if not connected to lung cancer, might be connected to other serious diseases. Doesn’t matter what it is – it is a serious symptom and needs instant medical help.

  1. Wheezing sounds

This happens when we exhale and the sound occurs if the air pathway is obstructed somehow – clear sign of lung cancer or its developing and inflammation. But, wheezing doesn’t have to be so serious all the time; it can be a sign of minor breathing problems like inflammation of sinuses or excessive mucus.

  1. Hoarse voice

If the tumor already affected and spread to the larynx, that is where the strange deep and hoarse voice comes from. Examine this if it happens, even more if you also cough blood along with it.

  1. Weight loss with no apparent reason

A lot of weight loss during a short period of time is highly symptomatic for something serious – even more if it occurs with weakness or fatigue at the same time. Not, we are talking about weight loss only, not weight changes constantly. If you lose 10 or more pounds without diets or workouts in a short while, it is highly possible it is cancer. Why does this happen? Because the cancer alters the metabolism; the cancer cells are too powerful and require a lot of your energy sources so they literally dry you up and suck out all energy.

  1. Pain in the bones

If the bones are already “touched” by the cancer, the pain in them will be inexplicably severe. It starts with the spine, then larger bones like the thighs, pelvis, shoulders, and ribs. This is maybe even the most serious of all symptoms so address a doctor as soon as possible.


Article and Image Source: www.healthyfoodteam.com