8 Reasons For Eating Blueberries And Why You Have To Freeze Them


Here are 8 reasons to consume blueberries every day

1. Improving Motor/Memory Function

One study discovered that the older adults on an average age of 76 fed blueberries daily for 12 weeks, 2 to 2.5 cups per day performed better on 2 different cognitive function tests that included memory, than those people who hadn’t eaten this food.Heart

2. Heart

Consuming the blueberries importantly lowers the risk of developing heart disease by relaxing and regulating the arterial elasticity in the vascular wall. Also, they improve the blood flow.Eye Protection

3. Eye Protection

It is proven that the blueberries protect the retina from oxygen damage and unwanted sunlight.

4. Reduces the Risk of Dementia/Alzheimer’s Disease

Anthocyanin improves the mental fluidity and memory, and helps in the protection against the brain cell loss. Also, blueberries stimulate the nerve cell growth and facilitate better connection between the nerve cell processes, in turn slowing the process of aging.Protection From Toxic Heavy Metals

5. Protection From Toxic Heavy Metals

Romanian chemists from the University of Bucharest found out that the blueberries protect against the heavy metals. Blueberry extract made a force field that performed like a barrier against the cadmium, protecting the cells from the damage of toxic heavy metal.Digestion

6. Digestion

Blueberries give antioxidant protection of the digestive system by fighting free radicals, some of which are able to cause cancer. The blueberries play an important role in fighting colon cancer.Nervous System

7. Nervous System

Blueberries have a range of different antioxidants, all of which are healthy to the human body.  These nutrients provide the nerve cells with protection from the damage of the oxygen. Nerve cells are constantly at risk for oxygen damage, and because of that requiring continuous protection.Blood Sugar

8. Blood Sugar

This superfood has a favorable impact on blood sugar, even for people with diabetes. Those people who consumed minimum 3 servings of blueberries per day saw a noticeable improvement in the regulation of blood sugar.

Blueberries are one of the greatest allies of the body. They are able to remove the free radicals and protect us from everyday exposure to many forms of pollution, including sun exposure, pesticides and heavy metals.