WARNING – Never Ignore These 8 Symptoms Because the Body Is Signaling You Something Important

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8-important-body-symptomsThese days it is common to be allergic to many things. Usually, the commonest are gluten and lactose intolerance, and yes, we all roll the eyes for these things but actually gluten is a grave problem! Keep in mind that intolerance to gluten is not allergy but a serious sign of gastric acid problems.

  1. Chronic migraine these headaches are normal for gluten intolerant people. It happens within an hour after a meal with gluten.
  2. Itchy skin- if the digestive tract is working disrupted, it will show in eczema, itching or dry skin
  3. Fibromyalgia- this illness is named also soft tissue rheumatism and pain muscle state, also pain in the ligaments or tendons. It affects women more.
  4. Intolerance to lactose- these symptoms include heartburn, bloated feeling, or just discomfort after dairy eating.
  5. Fatigue that’s chronic- if you sleep usually 8-9 hours every day and still are tired, something must be changed in the diet.
  6. Moodiness- gluten intolerant people are anxious or too excited for no reason. Also they’re prone to depression and irritations.
  7. Stomach pain- the most obvious sign. When you can’t stand some food, the stomach will tell you with sickness or irritation.
  8. Dizziness– a lot of these people after the meal feel light headed and imbalanced.

*Joints – joints can become inflamed and swollen, and there could be finger pain too, or in the knees and hips.

*when this happens to children: usually the children that are underdeveloped lack focus, have ADHD, anxiety, or hypovitaminose.



Article and Image Source: www.healthyfoodheadlines.com

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