7 Simple Stretch Moves Against Pain. Remove Lower Back Pain In 7 Minutes

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The pain in the lower back is something everyone has had. It can range from mild to severe to the point of not moving.

There is something good about removing this pain though, it can be done in a few minutes and with just 7 stretches!

7 Simple Stretch Moves Against Pain. Remove Lower Back Pain In 7 Minutes

Hamstring stretch

To do this exercise lie on the back, flat on the floor. Pull one of the legs up and stretch the hamstring. Do this for half a minute and do the same with the other leg.

Bound ankle position

Sit on the floor and put feet together. Hold the ankles. Do this for 30 seconds make a break for 10 seconds and again repeat for 30 seconds.

Knee to chest

Lie flat on the floor and pull the knee inwards to the chest. Hold for half minute. Repeat with other leg.

Spinal stretch

Lie on the back and cross one of the legs over the other while you hold this position. Hold it for half a minute and repeat with the other leg.

Piriformis stretch

Again, lie on the back and pull one leg to you, 90 degrees angle. Take the other leg over this one and cross it over the raised leg. Hold for half a minute and switch. It is easy if you think of this like sitting in chair with crossed legs, except on the floor.

Quadriceps stretch

Lie on the floor on one side. Pull one leg toward the back side. Hold this for half a minute and switch sides.


Step forward with one leg and bend while doing so. Hold half a minute and switch legs and sides.

Reasons for back pain

Many reasons cause this pain in the lower back. Number one is sitting a lot. Do the stretches and make the back stronger or at least reduce the pain.

Many problems can arise from back pain. If the stretches don’t help or anything else also doesn’t, seek medical advice.

Source: wisemindhealthybody.com

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