7 Morning Routines That Healthy People Do Every Day

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1. A glass of water after you wake up

Drinking one glass of water after you wake up will dehydrate your body, gets the things flowing, and revs up your digestive system. You might notice positive changes like better digestion and clearer skin. It is better if you add a lemon juice or one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar.

2. Think of one thing in the morning for which you are proud

This will set the stage for positivity throughout the whole day. It will be better to come up with three or five things.

3. Don’t check your phone or email for at least one hour

Do you sleep together with your phone next to the pillow and grab it right in the morning? This is a bad habit. If you opt to resist the temptation to check out Facebook feed or email until minimum one hour after you wake up, you will discover that your mind is more focused, clear and happy.

4. Go outside and take a deep breath

Even if it is cold outside, you should fill your lungs with fresh air.  This just takes 10 seconds. It will remind you that you are breathing and alive.

5. Eat a healthy breakfast in the morning

Focus on getting a real food in the body, rather than choosing a box of cereal. Soaked oats, eggs and smoothies are all great options, and they don’t take that much time to prepare them.

6. Move the body

You don’t need to do an intense workout before breakfast, but you can move it the body even a little in order to get the blood flowing and to shake the body into wake-up mode. Do a few stretches or turn on your most favorite song and dance.Say your affirmation

7. Say your affirmation
Take a look into the mirror and say something positive. Here are some ideas:
  • Every cell in my body is vibrant and healthy.
  • I radiate beauty, grace and confidence.
  • I feel really great when I take care of myself.


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