7 Habits That Make You Unattractive And Ugly!

Attractive is not just being pretty on the outside with the looks, it is also about other things.

Some things make you smile and have nothing to do with how someone looks on the outside, right? I feel that way if I see someone being funny with their dog, or being kind to other beings.

7 Habits That Make You Unattractive And Ugly!

If someone is rude and has no respect, you feel repulsed by them. So, everything comes down to behavior!

Here are the ugliest 7 habits that make you less appealing:

  1. Being rude to others- for obvious reasons this is no good. You can always try to be polite and good to others. That also opens doors for more communication. Just simply saying How are you can go a long way.
  2. Everything is competitive!- everyone knows such a person that likes to stand out or win. Social gatherings are not a time and place for that. I went to the beach with my friends once, and one friend kept the whole day talking to EVERY single person equally. I spoke about my girlfriend who was popular at some festivals, and he continued to talk about owning 300$ lighting hoop and being a dancer. He got embarrassed, but he needed the feeling of being superior. If he would just listen and be honest after I was done, he would appear to be better somehow. Too bad he was that way. Competition is about sports and work bonus or game nights, not hanging out.
  3. Complaining and doing nothing to solve a problem- to hear someone whine all the time is bad, but if they do it loudly, it can be done for attention or pity. Attractive thinking is finding solutions and not making noise. If I have a problem, my parents are the first to give me advices. That is why I admire them the most.
  4. Feeling or acting better than anyone- the greatest leaders I know have all been humble. Being superior can be shown in a bad way and no one would be with you to hang out. Everyone has good and bad sides, and you are not above someone. Maybe someone had struggles worse than yours, be silent!
  5. Interrupt if someone talks- not just annoying, but rude too. Everyone’s opinion is valuable and important, do not cut people off. Be patient and practice waiting. Also, do not talk if 2 people talk and you are not asked.
  6. Bad listener- if you are not interested and dismissive, you are telling people with no saying to shut up. Be nice and listen.
  7. Create problem when there is none- many do this and they are drama queens and kings! This is for attention only and only brings them awful problems afterwards. If there is no problem or drama, why make it? Do not gossip, do not put gas on the fire.

Do not do these things! To be charming, do the opposite of the listed things.  Be respectful, kind, quiet and PATIENT.

Source: wisemindhealthybody.com