Having a Mole on One of These 7 Body Spots Means Something! It Is Surprising!

7-body-spotsEveryone has moles and they are perfectly normal if they are healthy, but sometimes some of them mean something in particular. Track their position and see what some mean. Some can be family fortune and some health issues.

  1. Mole on feet– having a mole on the feet soles means you are a great traveler and want to taste different cuisines. Also, these people are popular in the workplace and are great team leaders.
  2. Mole on hand palm- the mole on the inside of a palm means never having money problem or finance issues. These people are economy wise and can be great leaders too.
  3. Cheekbone mole- this means power in the workplace and good wealth.
  4. Upper lip mole- these people are socially famous and liked and are great in communication skills. They worry the most about clothing and diets.
  5. In the middle between eye and eyebrow – they can adapt easy in any situation and become team leaders/
  6. Between eyebrows – this is a link for your career success and trace or stepping up. Might mean you will get promoted easily in any job.
  7. Temple moles- this means chances for travelling and enjoying different places.

Source: www.healthyfoodheadlines.com