With These 6 Workouts You Can Fight Belly Fat, Bloating and Bad Digestion

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During the holidays these issues are normal for all of us. There is too much good food and this is a real challenge. But, also during the holidays we decide to eat and cook more and justify this.

Gorgeous dishes, desserts, treats – it goes forever! You can easily relax too much and forget about healthy regimes even after the holidays. Usually after the meal we all sit in front of the TV and enjoy with full heavy bellies!

I always sit and wait to get the bloating passed, but now I do not just lie anymore. These workouts are super easy to do and are fun as well.


For this pose, lie on the back. Extend arms and legs too. Inhale and now bring closer the knees to the chest and put the arms around them. Also you can place the forearms over the leg shins and hold the elbows. Keep this pose and the shoulders must be flat on the floor. Try to pull the tailbone to the floor too and after 1 min, relax.

Seat spinal twist

For this there are 2 ways to do it. Sit on a mat on the floor with 90 degree angle and trunk-legs extended. Bend the right knee up and twist to the right side of hip. With the left elbow make a leverage opposite the right knee and reach back with no feeling pain. After 30 seconds, release and do the other side. If this is hard for you to do, sit on the floor. Legs are crossed and turn to the right side. Try to reach the back as much as you can. Relax after 30 seconds and do the other side.

Chair pose

Stand with feet apart and hips in width apart. Toes are forward. Tilt the hips back almost like sitting on a chair. Arms are extended over the head. Chest is high and shoulders straight back away from ears. After 1 min, relax.

High lunge variation

Stand straight and feet are together. Hands on the sides. Make a step backward with the right leg. Left knee is bent, clasp the hands behind the back and then move them to the chest. Release the hands slow and back to start for the other side.


Lie on the back with knees bent. Bottom of feet is flat on the floor and hips are width apart. From this, lift the hips up, clasp the hands beneath body and press on the ground to open up the hips more. Hold for 1 min and breathe deeply.

Leg up a wall- lie on the back, the butt is against a wall. Extend the legs opposite the wall and hands are rested on the floor with palms facing down. Hold this for a minute and breathe slow.

For any of these workouts, you can do them in series or apart. They reduce bloating and you will see it for yourself.

Source: justnaturallyhealthy.com

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