6 Interesting Ways to Use The Avocado Pit

There are many vegetables and fruits that contain parts (stems, seeds, leaves, roots etc.) that we have been taught are not edible, so we are simply throwing them away. We see that our parents are throwing these food scraps away, so we think nothing of it.

Many people become conscious of the full plant and its nutritional value from the head to the toe and not to waste something that can be eaten and very nutritious. A good example of this is the celery leaves. Many people and many grocery stores have cut off these, so you can’t eat the celery leaves. But, some farms and CSA organization, though that the celery leaves should be in their place.

Now, you are wondering why? Are they lazy to cut them off or they really realize that they are edible? Celery leaves are edible and they contain a little more nutrition than the celery stalk. If you begin to understand that the food have many parts like the root, seeds, stem and leaves you might start to see the food differently and realize that more of what you are eating is edible or you can get many health benefits of it.

The avocado is no exception to the rule. You won’t go eat the skin of the avocado because it looks indigestible, but the avocado pit is a totally different story. Most people generally throw the avocado pit away, but after reading this, they won’t do that anymore. The pit can be used in a few ways as well as being ingestible, do not go try to chew and swallow it. That can cause choking.

6 interesting ways to use the Avocado pit

  1. Put the pit in the Guacamole: if you put the avocado pit in the guacamole dip, it will help to preserve and keep the freshness of the guacamole dip, according to some people. Some people say it works and some people say it doesn’t works. We haven’t tried this, but it looks like having the avocado pit in the dip will help to release some minerals that might prolong and preserve the avocado portion of the dip, and that is because it is closer to its “skin and pit” nature in the environment.
  2. Grow more Avocados: the pit is what grown the avocado, so you can grow another small tree just from the pit. If you have land and soil it is really worth trying to create more organic food just for yourself.
  3. Use the pits as a beauty care: dry the avocado pit, grind them up and then use them like a face masks exfoliate because it is very rich in minerals like the magnesium, calcium and potassium.
  4. Make a dye for fabrics and clothing: you can make a pink dye from the avocado peel and pit. Can you believe it?
  5. Eat the pit: grind the pit up and then use it in a dressing or sauce recipe to add more antioxidants and minerals. You can use the pit in many dressing and sauce recipes to add a little bitter taste.
  6. Drink the pit: the pit contains magnesium, calcium and potassium, but also it is rich in antioxidants, fiber and flavonol, which prevents tumor growth. The pit has anti-inflammatory benefits because of the unique nutritional profile. The pit is great for your nervous system, digestive system and cardiovascular system. Grind it up and add to the smoothie. There is a low dose of persin, a fungicidal toxin that animals don’t respond well to in higher doses, so if you are allergic to banana, latex, peach or melon you may not respond well to the avocado pits.

You can use the avocado pits in many different ways, even for drinking and eating. They have nutritional value, so you can add them to your diet.

Source: healthywildandfree.com