6 Foods That Make Us Inflamed

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Inflammation can be a good or bad sign, depends.

This is the way of our body to tell us something is wrong and we are sick. It is a way of dealing with foreign bodies that harm us. But on the other hand, inflammation if not cured can worsen.

It can cause further issues like diabetes, heart failure or obesity among the rest.

Now, the thing is food is crucial about these matters.

These cause the most inflammation:

6 Foods That Make Us Inflamed

Sugar and fructose syrup

The table sugar and the fructose syrup are the main sugars we eat. Sugar is made of 50% glucose and 50 fructose, and the syrup from 55% fructose and 45% of glucose. They lead to many diseases. There was a study with mice on high fructose diet regimes and they all got breast cancer that got to the lungs even due to the sugar response. In another study, there was anti inflammation impact on mice while on omega 3 fats.

In another clinical study, people were given soda, diet soda, water or milk, and only the soda group had more uric acid and got insulin resistance. The sugars are bad since they also give and contain excess fructose levels. In small amounts it is fine. But eating it a lot, makes you obese, insulin resistant, diabetic, fatty liver patient, you might get cancer and kidney issues. Experts found that the fructose inflames the endothelial cells in the vessels of blood. The high intake of the fructose also increases markers of inflammation in both humans and mice. A diet with high amounts of these sugars for sure will cause inflammations and illnesses. It will also diminish the good effect of omega 3 fats.

Artificial trans fat

Everyone knows this is the unhealthiest fat you can eat. They are made by hydrogen added to unsaturated fat (liquid) to make them into solid fats. They are also called partial hydrogen fats on the food labels. Margarines are one such product and are added to other processed foods. The dairy and meats have natural good fats, but these artificial ones cause inflammation and illnesses. They lower the good HDL cholesterol and damage the endothelial cells.

Eating these fats increases risk of inflammation like interleukin 6, tumor necrosis factor and C-reactive protein too. The CRP levels are 78% higher in women who ate these fats more than the rest, as to Nurses Health Study. In a trial for obese elder women, the hydrogen soybean oil made them more inflamed than the palm or sunflower oil. Healthy men researches proved that high cholesterol is similar to the high markers of inflammation as response to the trans fats. To eat these means risk of diseases and also heart attack.

Vegetable oil and seed oils

These oils are proven to be bad. They are not like coconut and virgin olive as we know. Usually, they get there by extraction from gasoline even! Veggie oils include the corn, sunflower, safflower, canola, sesame, peanut and soybean. In the 20th century, these oils were consumed 130% more in USA.

Since they are polyunsaturated fats, they oxidize and get spoiled and damaged. They are really processed too so they damage the healthy omega fats and inflame the tissue. Some omega 6 fats are needed, not too much still, but the unhealthy diet keeps all unhealthy things inside. We must eat omega 3 foods like fatty fish to get more omega 3 and not omega 6. Rats who ate omega 6 to omega 3 as ratio showed 20:1, had way too much inflammation compared to the others. The ratio was 1:1 or even 5:1. Since these oils have too much omega 6 they must never be eaten in large amounts.

Refined carbs

Not every carb type is bad. People in the past ate carbs, but unprocessed like fruits, roots or grass. Refined carbs are the problem here and cause  health issues. They lack fibers and this means you feel hungry often and the blood sugar drops and spikes.  These modern refined carbs make more inflammation bacteria in the gut and cause IBD or obesity. They also have high GI compared to good carbs. The high GI foods spike the blood sugar more. In a study, elder people who ate these carbs more, had 2.9 more times risk to die of some inflammation illness. In another study, healthy men ate 50 g refined carbs like white bread and had worse blood sugar and inflammation. Such carbs must be avoided.

Too much alcohol

In moderation this is fine. In one study, the CROP marker increased in some people who drink. The more they drank, the more CRP rose. These people could develop a bacteria that from the colon goes into the body. It is called leaky gut and can damage many organs. Drinking too much inflames the body overall and causes the leaky gut which is hard to cure completely.

Processed meats

These meats increase heart problems, stomach cancer, diabetes and even colon cancer. They are sausage, bacon, smoked meat, ham or beef jerky. They have more glycation and end products AGEs than the rest of meats. The AGEs are due to processing meats and some high heat level. They cause inflammation and heavy illnesses. Colon cancer is the most common issue with this food.

Still, inflammation can be due to other reasons too. For these, like the food, you can control it and take care of the health.

Source: healthyfoodresources.com

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