6 Amazing Drinks That Would Make Your Belly Flat Extremely Fast

If you really like to lose some centimeters especially around your belly before you put on your bikinis, try this 6 drinks that would make your belly flat.

Flavored water

When you try to lose weight, the most important thing is to drink water a lot. But if that gets boring to you and you want something that would refresh you more, try adding a bit natural taste to the water.
That could be mint, pieces of lemon or even sliced cucumber. It is crucial that you take healthy liquids because that helps the distension and preservation of water, which are the main reasons why your stomach looks bigger often.

Watermelon juice

As long as natural juices are free of without additional sugars and aromas, they could be the best solution for you to refresh and not to take many calories. Watermelon is an excellent example since it contains a lot of water, rich flavor and not many calories. Not just it hydrates well, but it is full of nutritional materials as lycopen which is great against cancer and amino acid arginine. Research has shown that arginine could burn the fats and help the muscles.

Mint ice tea

This is a great drink that refreshes us in summer but is also a good ally in the fight against body fats. It helps our body to digest fats better so food like hamburgers and steaks digest quickly so it lowers the stomach distention. Make the mint tea at night, leave it to cool itself and then put it in the fridge.
Refresh yourself in the morning with sugar-free homemade mint ice tea.

Pineapple frappe

Put the pineapple in a blender, add a bit of cold water and you get a drink with the taste of the best summer vacation. This drink contains ingredients that burn the fats, and if you add just a teaspoon of linseed you get the right thing for your body.
The linseed contains healthy fat acids which help burn the fats. The pineapple contains bromelain, an extract that degrades proteins so it helps digestion and distention.

Green tea

This list could not be complete unless the King of all the diet drinks is not there – the incredible green tea.
By consuming it regularly, you will reduce the risk of cancer and heart diseases and you will degrade the fat in the stomach with the antioxidants that the tea contains. If you drink a cup of green tea before training, the antioxidants will help you burn the fats during aerobic exercises.

Dark chocolate shake

Amazingly, dark chocolate could help you lose weight. The chocolate, especially the dark one helps the process of losing weight because it lowers the appetite and stop uncontrolled desire for snacks and sweets. Even though it does sound like a dream come true, have in mind that the dark chocolate shake does not contain sugar but it still has many calories. So, the best way is to drink it as a change for a meal i.e. breakfast because you will stay full for long so you won’t eat unhealthy sweets.