6 Dangerous Signs You Might Have A Heart Attack – Even Month Before It Occurs

The main death cause in USA is the heart attack with up to 25% of death cases. 3 major reasons cause this: smoking, hypertension and high cholesterol.

As to CDC Center for Disease Control and Prevention, there exist 5 issues that worsen this problem. They are: too much alcohol, no workouts, bad diet, obesity or diabetes.

½ of heart attack cases occur out of hospitals and to survive you need early recognizing! A CDC study from 2005 stated that 92% recognized discomfort in chest area as first symptom. Only 27% of them knew what it is and called help ASAP.

6 Dangerous Signs You Might Have A Heart Attack – Even Month Before It Occurs

Heart attack symptoms:

These are the signs you need to see. By knowing them, you can prevent this a month earlier.

  1. Chest discomfort – this is the most obvious sign.it comes in many forms like burning sensation or pressure or even like a pinch. It could be during rest or some activity. But, if you feel strange in the chest, quickly ask help!

Women also tend to have these attacks even without the chest issues.

  1. Tiredness- another reason is feeling really tired so the heart has to work fast while arteries narrow and close. This makes even the smallest tasks look like a big deal. You might need several naps a day or to much sleep at night.
  2. Cold symptoms that last too long- when blood goes back to the lungs, that is due to the heart struggle to give the body good blood flow. See if there is pink or white mucus in the cough since it might mean a blood leak byproduct.
  3. Swelling- veins could swell and become bloated because the heart is pumping too hard. The focus points of swelling are: legs (farthest from the heart), ankles and feet. Also, you could see a bluish tinge (peripheral cyanosis) in extremities or lips.
  4. Dizziness- if the brain doesn’t get enough oxygen that is because the heart is too weak for proper blood flow. Seek help really fast if you often feel dizzy.
  5. Short breaths- the heart and lungs work like a tandem and if the heart fails at the job, lungs have oxygen deficit. This could impair breathing in the future too.

All these signs from above can happen a month early. That is why you need to know them well. Call emergency help in any of these cases.

Source: naturalhealthyteam.com