5 Symptoms of Colon Cancer That People Neglect for Many Years

5-symptoms-colon-cancerThe colon cancer is a really dangerous type of cancer, not the deadliest but really grave on a medical scale. 140,000 people had it in 2016 only! It was either rectal or colon cancer.

It is nothing new, this cancer is common, sadly, but the big problem is that many people find out late before they can get proper treatment. This is because the symptoms are easily overlooked.

Now, you will read about such hidden symptoms and what to do early!

  1. Cramps: cramps are usual symptoms for many abdominal issues, not just cancer of course. Don’t panic right away. But, if the belly cramps last a long while and are intense, consult a doctor just in case.
  2. Fatigue- also, another innocent symptom. In this day and age it is common to feel chronic fatigue and sleep it off. But, if tiredness never ends, even with a good diet, check it right away. Fatigue is linked to cancer because the cancer uses every energy from the body, drains you from the energy you have. Also, this cancer causes blood loss too.
  3. Weird weight loss – if the weight loss is strange and really noticeable, it may be a disease symptom. This weight loss is also known as unintentional loss of weight (5% of the body) in tops of six months!

Let’s say, a person of 150 lbs loses 7-8 lbs in 6 months, might be a problem.

We know by now, cancer drains the energy and the immunity too, so the disease can spread easily. That’s why these people lose a lot of weight. Also, a big tumor might be blocking the colon and alter the bowel movements.

  1. Irregular bowels and bowel movements- many of us don’t pay attention to the bowel movements, of course. But, importance is put on timing, appearance or consistency of these bowel movements. They indicate digestive or colon issues, and potential cancer too.

There is a thing called colon polyps, a small cells group that can become cancerous and grow into a tumor form. That tumor will disrupt everything in the bowels and large intestine, and change the stool for worse.

Article and Image Source: www.forhealthylifestyle.com