5 Great Ways to Lose Weight at Work Fast

Maybe you know that your job can make you fat, and there are many ways to control your weight that won’t involve quitting your job and finding a new job.

So, here you have 5 easy tips that you can use at work and each one is an effective strategy for weight loss.

Lower the bar

Getting it together the ability to make and pack a meal to consume at work can be an extra stress. It is not just the buying to have the proper food that makes effort and time. Planning meals to eat at work, and avoiding eating the same food day after day is another task. The biggest enemy of successful weight loss is the boredom. So, don’t add extra stress of perfection on yourself while packing your meals. You don’t have to be super-organized person and to pack a whole meal every day. Just get part of it. Try to pick the salad leftover from your meal last night, and then to fill out your meal, buy a bowl of soup.

Elevate the dining experience

To remove a container or anything else from a bag and digging in with your fork or spoon just doesn’t do too much to enhance the satisfaction or pleasure of your meal. It feels more like a punishment than like a meal. Keep in your office a nice place setting, so that you can eat on a real plate.

Buddy up your ride

Try to carpool with a weight-loss friend. You will save gas money, and also you will have a chance to give and get support to keep both of you moving towards the goals.

Shop the Sales

Those frozen calorie-reduced accesses have come a long way. The canned soups have a better taste and even lower-calorie varieties are filling and hearty.

So, buy them when they go on sale. At the start of the work week, bring in five days worth of low-calorie, canned soups or frozen dinners and store in the refrigerator of the company. It is an easy way to avoid boredom with meals and to have lots of variety.

Workplace workout

Even if it exercise long just 10 minutes, get up and move when it is possible.

  • Walk to the desk of your colleague instead of calling or e-mailing.
  • Take the long way when you go to the restroom every time that you visit it. Or even better, use the restroom on the other floor. To get there and back, run up and down the stairs.
  • Make exercise appointments and enter them on your computer or smart phone calendar. When the alert goes off to you, take a walk around or in place of the perimeter of the building.
  • Wear a pedometer at your workplace and challenge yourself to get minimum 3000 steps.
  • Make copies at the printer that is the farthest from your desk.
  • Stand up as much as possible.


If you can’t move away from the desk, do your work standing as much as you can.

You don’t need to follow all these 5 steps. Do what you can do and forget about the rest. Even one little action will move you closer to your goals.

Source: http://soonerorlighter.bangordailynews.com/