These 5 Foods Must Not Be Reheated!

We often know to reheat foods that are leftovers of lunch or dinner, right? But they can be toxic! But this is convenient for us since they are easy to reheat and eat in a moment.

Some foods, when reheated after cooking are really unhealthy and toxic. If you know which they are, you can start to eat them cold next time and keep this in mind.

Before you see those foods listed, first a lesson in cooking basics and essentials.

Throw away the microwave

90% of all Americans use this oven for fast reheating and cooking. But, it is the worst way to cook food.

30 years ago there was a study conducted in Vienna that connected microwaves and brain damage. Also, kidney was damaged due to such cooking. Other studies proved that liposomes are reduced with this food and bad bacteria grow too fast and too much inside.

These 5 Foods Must Not Be Reheated!

Do not use plastic wrap, plastic ware or Styrofoam for reheating

In case you still use this little oven, at least do not use these materials listed above. Plastic dishes are harmful too and especially under heat.

Their most dangerous substances are polyethylene terephthalate PET and the biphenol A BPA. This BPA is a kind of an xenoestrogen that can cause breast cancer. The Styrofoam has styrene in it and this is a carcinogen, as the Agency for Research on Cancer claimed.

No to Teflon cookware

All non-stick dishes have the polytetrafluoroethylene PTFE that also makes cancer in humans, EPA says.

The Dupont Teflon has PFOA, and studies claimed link between PFOA and immunity problems, thyroid issues, pancreas cancer and breast cancer. Almost 98% of US citizens have some PFOA in their systems.

Less aluminum foil

This foil for heating or covering foods is also no good. It releases toxins. It was connected to some neurological damages, autism, Alzheimer’s or ADHD.

But, these are the 5 foods you must never reheat…

  1. Veggies with nitrates- celery, beets, spinach, carrots and turnips. Nitrates are vital for us and eating these raw is good for us, nitrates are turning to nitrites and go to the cells. In the cells they are stored as nitric oxide, anti-inflammation agent that soothes blood vessels and improves blood flow. But, with reheating, this nitrate is changed to nitrite BEFORE we ingest it and is toxic this way. So eat those veggies raw or cooked right away.
  2. Protein foods- mushroom, chicken, eggs must be eaten right away after cooking. Especially, the chicken, it has more protein than the red meat and can change really fast before eating and with reheating. Also, the digestion will be slower this time.

Eat these cooked right away, and eat it hot. They can otherwise be attacked by microorganisms.

  1. Rice- cooked and refrigerated rice is okay and not toxic. But it can develop bacteria and cause food poisoning. Never let it sit on room temperature. And in case you reheat it, get a special container for the rice.
  2. Potatoes- they should be eaten only cooked at the moment. The cooked potato has vitamin B6, C and potassium only good when cooked now. If you leave it at room temperature after cooking, it is toxic! These temperatures can cause botulin toxic poisoning. Throw them away after a day or two after cooking.
  3. Oils- some oils cannot be put on great heat. Such are grape seed oil, flax seed oil, hazelnut oil. They get rancid after reheating. Do not use them for baking or other heat cooking. Just put them on a salad or other non-cooked meal like steamed veggies or prepared meats. Also, fried foods are no good of course. Most restaurants use rancid oils for frying your food, since it is economic. There is a toxin called 4-hydroxy-trans-2-nonenal HNE, a study claimed, and it is found in restaurant oil. Those oils are canola, soybean, corn and sunflower oil. This HNE increases risk of strokes and heart issues, cancer and Parkinson’s too.

    follow all of these rules and try to eat healthier. Eat raw, fresh, organic. If you hesitate for some food, it is safer to throw it out.