5 Best Smoothies for Losing Weight

Apart from dieting and exercising, there are other ways to lose weight and do something about your body image. One of these is making a lot of smoothies – delicious blended drinks that combine well-known nutritive options with fruits and proteins that not only feed you, but also include healthy nutrients your body needs on a daily basis. If you drink a smoothie for breakfast, you will jump start your metabolism, but still not overdo on the calories. They are also delicious! Here are some tasty and healthy ideas for you to try:

5 best Smoothies for Losing Weight


Mango Smoothie Surprise

Mixing mango cubes and mango juice with a mashed ripe avocado, and adding fat-free vanilla yogurt may sound a bit too much at first, but it actually is not. If you put a quarter of a cup of each of these four ingredients in a blender and add a tablespoon of sugar (which you can also leave out) and freshly squeezed lime juice on top of that and mix it all together, you will get a mango-based smoothie that will activate your digestive system and add much needed healthy juices to your system. Mangoes are also extremely healthy, and consuming them within a smoothie will make them tastier.


Metabolism-Boosting Smoothie

One of the easiest, yet most effective smoothies you can find is the one that boosts your metabolism from the early morning. All you need are a couple of ingredients you already have in your fridge and diet, and you can always add flavors you like and prefer. The base consists of a calcium-rich yogurt – any brand you enjoy and generally buy – almonds, cinnamon and broccoli, as well as some optional strawberries. If you are allergic, you can substitute strawberries for any other fruit you like and have on hand. This smoothie will wake you up and is a great start of any day.


Peanut Butter and Banana Smoothie

This is one of the tastiest smoothies to make and you will certainly want to drink it at least once a week. Mixing a quarter of a banana with two tablespoons of creamy natural peanut butter and adding some fat-free milk and yogurt makes this drink good both for your taste buds and your weight. Finally, adding some honey to the mix will make the combination even healthier, and assist with the food digestion and metabolism. Even though it sounds both heavy and too indulgent to be healthy, peanut butter is better for you than you think.


Chocolate Raspberry Smoothie

Here is another smoothie perfect for chocolate lovers who cannot fight their habit off and have to find a replacement for their favorite snack. But, in order to make it good for your dieting, you have to add a couple of healthy ingredients, too, which in this case are soy milk, vanilla yogurt and fresh raspberries. This fruit is considered to be among the healthiest out there and triggers enzyme activity and heat production in fat cells, which, in turn, produce faster digestion and less absorption of fat.


Flat-Belly Smoothie

This is a perfect choice for a morning after a late night when you just cannot wake up and start being productive. The unique combination that goes into this smoothie – vanilla Greek yoghurt, almond butter, kale, water, frozen blueberries and pineapple – will get your juices flowing and make the start of your day more energetic. Additionally, you will feel less bloated, puffed and heavy. You can also replace the frozen fruit with fresh fruit, if you can.


In Conclusion

All these smoothies are good for your slimming process and will provide you with enough healthy substances to get you through the morning. They trigger your metabolism and make it work faster, which is essential when trying to lose weight. If you want them to do even more work for you, you can add a slight kick to them, by adding a spoon of protein powder – I personally use Legion Phoenix in all my shakes – which will in turn make them more effective, and will also give you all the added benefits of a diet supplement, without actually having to feel like you’re taking one.

Author: James Burbank