4 Simple Ways For Everyday Detoxification

Detoxification does not have to be some brutal process of starving oneself or drinking bitter tonics. At the Institute for the Psychology of Eating they teach that there are many simple ways to detoxify your body every day. Here we will present you 4 ways to detoxify the body regularly or every day.

Drink Water Throughout the Day

Our bodies are about 65% water, just like our planet. When we think about matters of health, we often focus on food, but the best way to stay hydrated is the water, for us to detoxify and for our bodies to work fully. Drinking water helps clearing the toxins accumulated from stress that we ingest from the conventionally grown and processed foods, and breathe in through the environment.

Water is important for the blood to maintain the right pH balance. It is important for the right hydrochloric acid levels for the stomach to digest the food properly. It is important to lubricate the tissues and the joints. It filters through the intestines and kidneys to eliminate the waste, and at the same time maintaining proper mineral and electrolyte balance.

When in the system there is not enough water, it is like a hose with the water hardly turned on. Nothing moves properly. The system is not vibrant or vital. It is like a droopy plant.

We are already dehydrated when we are thirsty, we can easily confuse thirst for hunger. It is really important to understand the messages that the body sends. Make sure you drink enough fresh water every day to be clear what your body really needs – food, water or emotional attention.  You can add orange, lemon or cucumber in the water for more detoxifying power.

Play with the Temperature

Working up a sweat is another amazing way to detoxify the body on a semi-regular or regular basis. The skin is also detoxifying system meant to clear the toxins through the sweat and also to cool our body down when we overheat. A sauna or steam shower is an amazing way to induce the cleansing without the need to work hard physically. It boosts the complexion and the mood.

Switching between cold and hot temperatures, like a shower, or oscillating between a hot and ice tub, is good for the immunity. Do this just if your immune system is compromised, because it can be overwhelming to a weak immune system. In order to be safe, always visit your health care professional. The sudden temperature changes stimulate the immune system by recruiting the lymphocytes to eliminate viruses and bacteria and monocytes to decompose waste.

Dry Skin Brush

The skin is the largest organ in our body, and it has a great deal in the detoxification of the body, especially when the digestive system is taxed. The pores of the skin can be clogged, even with regular bathing or showering. To maintain the skin health, skin brushing is also an old tradition.

You can do the skin brushing with a firm-bristled brush, brushing the dry skin in a motion towards the heart, usually in the morning because it is a great stimulation. It tonifies and invigorates the skin, and at the same time sloughing off the dead skin cells. The skin will be more alive. When the skin is brushed, it can easily eliminate the toxins because the pores are open and clear. This method also helps the skin to get moisture and stay supple, radiant and hydrated.

Detoxifying Herbs Before Bed

According to the TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine, the bodies have times of night and day that are dominated by some organs at top function. The liver, gall bladder, and lungs are some of the most important players in the detoxification, and they are at the prime function when we are sleeping. If you take detoxifying herbs before bed, you can help catalyze the detoxifying organ effectiveness during their top hours.

We suggest you aloe vera, milk thistle and turmeric. The turmeric and milk thistle are anti-inflammatories and antioxidants that support the function of the gall bladder and the liver. The inflammation in the intestines can often jam the elimination process and keep the toxins in the body. When the inflammation is gone, it allows the body to eliminate the waste.

The aloe vera is more than a skin salve. It can be ingested in powder and juice form as an anti-inflammatory agent that supports the digestion. People usually use it to support the organ soothing. It has antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties and it normalizes the blood circulation.

Source: eatingnaturallymag.com