4 Signs That Show Your Body is Full of Toxins

The equilibrium or the balance is the basis of all levels of the health. But the improper diet, daily stress, aversion to work, lack of sleep, and toxins stand in the way of achieving the perfect balance.

Today, we will present you few signs, which show that you are dealing with many toxins in your body.

  1. You are filled with toxins most of the time – toxins should be removed from the body every day, and this includes emptying your bowel minimum once a day. If you don’t remove the toxins through your bowel every day, they can easily return into the bloodstream and make a mess there.


Advice: if you have constipation, try to exercise, drink more water and herbal tea or take some probiotic.


  1. Bad breath – the bad breath just spoils the mood and it also shows that you have toxins. It can happen as a result of some bacteria in your mouth that releases “scented” products. Also, it shows that your intestines and liver have difficulty eliminating the toxins.


Advice: start using a tongue cleaner to eliminate the bacteria that covers the tongue. Try to intake fresh herbs, like coriander and parsley, which are great detoxifiers of the liver.


  1. Extra pounds are not melting away – there are many reasons for this condition: improper diet and crazy hormones are just some of them. Toxins like “dioxin” PCBs and many pesticides are lipophilic, and that means that the body is fueled by fat cells. When the body is overloaded by them, it is almost impossible to lose weight.


Advice: It is really important to be sure that the body is discarding the toxins properly. That means you should improve the natural capability of your body to do that and find balance. Some safe ways of detoxification and cleaning can also help, but it is really important to reduce the exposure to toxins. Choose organic, pure food when you can and be sure to get a good sweat, to empty the bowels, and be well hydrated.


  1. You are bothered by some odors – If you have a strong reaction to odors like smoke or perfume that can be an alert that you have toxins in your body. It happens sometimes that we become sensitive to some external odors if the liver has an issue with removing various toxins from the body. When all detoxification ways are closed, our body and our senses are sharpened and that can cause some reactions like nausea and headache.


Advice: Try some popular ways of detoxification, like using castor oil. This old remedy is a great way to help relive many unpleasant symptoms.

Source: www.naturalhealthcareforyou.com