3 recipes for a thin line

In order to eliminate the harmful substances in the organism, it is recommended that you add pieces of cucumber, blueberry or agrumes in water, since these ingredients fasten the metabolism.

Water is not just an ordinary drink we drink when we feel thirsty, but it is also the best thing to cleanse the body and keep the thin line. Two glasses of water before every meal accelerates the fats burning without any additional changes in the diet, the German experts say.

The more water you drink during the day, the less you feel hungry so you don’t intake calories.
At the same time you increase the consumption of energy in the organism and accelerate the fats burning.

This is what scientists from the Medical Center “Karite” in Berlin, say.
How to make a natural diuretic?
  1. In a jug full of water, add 5-6 pieces of cucumber and let them stay there for at least two hours. Then you can slowly drink this tasty drink rich with Kalium and vitamins A and C. Several days later, results will be visible.
  2. In every glass you drink during the day, add several pieces of lemon and orange, wait for several minutes and drink it. Vitamin C accelerates the fats burning so you would rapidly lose weight and renew the energy.
  3. In 1 liter water, add a handful of sliced strawberries and blueberries and half teaspoon pepper. This sweet chilly drink shall enhance the fats burning because the pepper contains Capsaicin which fastens the metabolism and at the same time makes you feel full.