3 In 1 Fantastic Solution For Health, Weight Loss And Beauty – The Linseed

The linseed is probably the superhero among the healthy food. It is so nutritive and rich with vitamins B1, B2 and C, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, iron and zinc.

The seed is a hundred times richer with phytonutrient lignin than any other product. The lignin has been explored a lot these last years because of its possible anti cancer functions especially in treating breast cancer and colon cancer.

It is also successful against bacteria and viruses. According to the last data, the doctors claim that omega – 3 fatty acids from the linseed help the blood vessel-system and they balance the rhythm of the heart beating.

If you consume the linseed on a daily basis, the level of cholesterol would decrease. Because of the combination of oil and fibers, the linseed is an ideal laxative.

Also, if you suffer from dry skin or maybe you are too sun-sensitive, the linseed is an excellent additive to the food, the doctors say. It helps women in menopause as well, especially those who suffer from heat attacks. They are advised to take four teaspoons of linseed daily.

The linseed can be consumed in several different ways, as linseed oil, ground linseed or in its natural form.

The optimal recommendable dose is several ground seeds per day, but most of us don’t take this recommended amount. You should first start with one teaspoon, and then increase slowly. However, while you increase the amount of linseed per day, you need to increase the intake of liquids as well. The best solution is if you mix the linseed with a glass of water.

You should definitely feel the benefits of linseed. It is easy to find, and it is a product that you can add to anything. Add it to sandwiches, salads, cereals, with yoghurt

Whatever you choose to eat it with, does not matter as soon as you eat the linseed.