20 Reasons To Fall In Love With The Avocado

11. It nourishes the nervous system and the brain

Just a serve of avocado contains 3.5 g of unsaturated fat needed for the nervous system development and healthy brain.

12. An avocado can be an edible bowl for your delicious food

You can cut an avocado in half, and fill it with all kinds of things, from salsa and sauerkraut to a few spoons of curry, diced roast vegetables, or bake an egg in it.

13. It makes everything delicious and creamy

You need something to be creamier, thicker, like a healthy banana thickshake or a decadent chocolate mousse? Add avocado!

14. It makes an amazing fat substitute in cooking

Swap coconut oil or butter for pureed avocado. The taste is delicious.

15. It will keep the cholesterol in normal levels

Do you have a high cholesterol? The avocado is the richest known fruit source of phytosterols, which is a natural plant compound that fights with dietary cholesterol absorption.

16. It has more potassium than the banana!

The bananas are popular for their potassium content, but per 100 g, the avocado has 485 mg of potassium, and that is 127 mg more than the banana.

17. It contains nutrients important for a healthy pregnancy

The avocado contains vitamin E, folate, B vitamins, choline, iron and fiber. It is amazing for yourself and for your growing baby throughout the whole pregnancy, from conception, birth and more.

18. There are many ways to eat the avocado

You can grill it, eat it raw, or bake it.

19. It makes a satisfying snack

All that you need is a cracked pepper, a little sea salt and a spoon! Enjoy!

20. Make an ice cream using avocado

An amazing, dairy-free and vegan alternative to store-bought ice creams. Just blend ½ an avocado and a squeeze of lime juice with 1 cup of a milk of choice and 2 tbsp of maple syrup. Pour it into the block molds and then freeze. Very delicious!

Source: foodmatters.tv