20 Early Symptoms That You Slowly Develop Cancer Inside The Body

The body tells us everything we need to know. Listen closely and see to notice any changes. Sometimes, even cancer can be prevented this way.

What are the signs?

20 Early Symptoms That You Slowly Develop Cancer Inside The Body


  1. Short breaths/wheezing- lung cancer makes this although it can happen to all of us.
  2. Often getting fevers and infections- this might be leukemia, when the blood cells are attacked by the cancer and the white blood cells count is abnormal, so the body cannot fight the viruses.
  3. Hard swallowing- this is often cancer on the throat but sometimes on lungs too.
  4. Fatigue and weakness- a common cancer sign and too vague.
  5. Being full/less appetite- it might be ovary cancer, be careful.
  6. Anorexia-this is linked to pancreas cancer, craving less food, drinks, coffee, wine and cigarettes are also a tip off.

Body changes

  1. Blood in stool, rectum- colorectal cancer.
  2. Neck lumps/underarm and groin lumps- it might be an issue with the lymphatic system.
  3. Bruises and bleeding that last- issue with the red blood cells and possible leukemia. This illness makes the red cells impair the body’s protection and ability for oxygen carrying.
  4. Weight gain and bloating- ovary cancer does this and abnormally in a short time.
  5. Strange weight loss- colon or digestive tract cancer. Also, it might spread to the liver and change the appetite.
  6. Swollen, red, sore breasts- possible breast cancer. If the nipple is flat, inverted, turned strangely, check with a doctor.
  7. Swollen face- lung cancer is linked to this, makes the face all puffy. Small tumors block the blood vessels to the face and we get swelling.
  8. Skin lumps that bleed or are crusty- skin cancer. It can be basal melanoma, basal carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma.
  9. Changed nails- a dark spot and dot under the nail is also skin cancer. Pale nails are liver cancer. Clubbed nails or enlarged nails are lung cancer.


  1. Heavy periods, in between period bleedings- uterus cancer. An ultrasound is a good test.
  2. Chest pain and cough- lung cancer or leukemia imitate bronchitis. Some even reported chest pains that go down the arm.
  3. Pelvis and abdomen pain-this is ovary cancer. Leukemia also is possible since the spleen is larger.
  4. Pain in back or lower side to the right- liver cancer. Also may be breast cancer since it spreads to ribs and spine.
  5. Upset belly- colorectal cancer.

Reducing the risks

Use vitamin D and also have sun exposure in healthy limits. Take supplements and keep insulin lower, reduce processed food and prevent prostate cancer. Also, do blood checkups.

Workout regularly. This keeps insulin low. Also, consider tomatoes, berries and other fruits since they have lycopene plasma, carotene pigment that reduces risk of prostate cancer.

Have less toxic exposure in the environment like pesticides, chemicals, cleansers, air fresheners, and pollution.  Even cell using for more than 10 years can make brain tumors.

Try to have a healthy lifestyle and reduce these risks. For you to be completely safe and healthy, it might take even 10 years. So start now!

Source: theheartysoul.com