A 2 Item Remedy That Remove Pounds Easily From The Colon

After a weekend of too much tasty food you might want a colon cleanse to remove toxins and make digestion good again.

We examined many amazing items in some articles, but this cure will easily detoxify your colon fast.

2 item cure for colon cleanse

This cure can be drank and is easy to make, gentle too. It is not a fast miracle but just purifying the system and helping the body to remove and filter waste or get again some balance in digestion.

A 2 Item Remedy That Remove Pounds Easily From The Colon

How does it work?

The raw ACV has gained popularity lately both for medicine and other purposes like natural methods for health or beauty. It is cheap and effective for the colon and the whole body.

Next time you’re in the shop for ACV, buy the one with things floating at the bottle bottom. Actually that is the best part of ACV since it has the most nutrients kept away from filters or processes and pasteurizing. These particles are beneficial for colon cleansing.

This so called mother f ACV has bacteria acetobacter that together with oxygen ferments the apple cider to vinegar. This bacteria is good and is responsible for food breaking down in the stomach. Also ACV regulates bowel movements and reduces high blood sugar levels after eating while it also reduces hypertension.

How to make this recipe for colon cleanse?

It is simple; just 2 items, ACV and the floating particles and some raw honey. Shake up the bottle of ACV for the particles before you mix further and measure the vinegar amount.

For a glass of 8 oz warm water, you need to add:

  • 2 tbsp ACV
  • 2 tbsp raw honey

Stir and mix nicely until honey is melted inside. Drink in the morning and whenever you need cleanse of colon. Continue with the day normally while this cleanses you.

With this you won’t rush to the bathroom. This cleanse is fast, but also easy on the stomach and digestive organs, so don’t worry about sudden moves in the bowels.

Health benefits

The Journal of Food Science claims that ACV is really healthy as food enhancing too. The health benefits come from the active components in it, like acetic acid, gallic acid, ephicatechin, catechin, chlorogenic acid, caffeic acid, ferulic acid and p-courmaric  acid too.

Experts claim the ACV has bioactive ingredients with health benefits:

  • Antioxidant
  • Prevention to diabetes
  • Antimicrobial
  • Prevents cancer and tumors
  • No obesity
  • No hypertension
  • Low cholesterol

When we talk about colon cancer, experts from a Japanese study claimed rice wine vinegar reduced risk of colon cancer in rats tests and also removed cancer cells in lungs, bladder, breast and prostate.

The raw honey has also many benefits like toxin removal and cleaning the colon. It can reduce the risk of colon cancer and as to some studies from Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology that is confirmed. The honey has eugenol – phenolic ingredient that destroys tumors. By experimenting with the eugenol during the research, experts reduced spreading of cancer in colon by whole 40%.

The ingredients in honey can kill cancer in tissues and this is another reason to use it for a colon cleanse, not just getting the honey probiotics. They replenish healthy bacteria for digestion. That same bacteria type digests food and absorbs nutrients in good bacteria processes.

Source: herbalhouse365.com