15 Terrific Facts About Processed Meat That You Probably Don’t Know

These are the secrets that the food processing industry doesn’t want you to know! See all of these facts in the video here.

Here are the facts:

  1. Processed meats are meats which are preserved through freezing, smoking, canning, or by adding some preservative chemicals.
  2. Do you know that chicken nuggets are made from a liquefied meat product and then molded into the shapes that we know?
  3. Rodent hairs are allowed in our food legally? The FDA permits FOUR RODENT HAIRS per 100 grams of processed food.
  4. In order to keep it red, the meat can be treated with carbon monoxide.
  5. About 70 percent of poultry raised in the United States has been fed ARSENIC based drugs!
  6. Farm raised salmon is not actually pink without access to krill.
  7. The farm gives salmon a color boost simply by using dyes in the field.
  8. Usually the hot dogs are filled with a blend of meat, which is made from trimming of fat and starch or cereal filler, and then sealed up.
  9. But, the companies like Nestle, General Mills, Heinz, Campbells, Kraft and Hillshire Farm won’t reveal where their meat comes from.
  10. Silicon dioxide, which is found in quartz or sand, can be found in the fast food meat at chains like Taco Bell or Wendy’s.
  11. Up to 80 percent of the United States pigs are fed a controversial growth drug – ractopamine, which is illegal in Russia and the whole European Union.
  12. The Smithfield Pork Company, which is the largest pork producer in the U.S. in 2012 had 15.8 million hogs. That is millions of gallons of manure.
  13. The lagoons it’s dumped in are bright pink. A Pink Lagoon is a healthy lagoon, according to the 2006 Smithfield statement to shareholders.
  14. One study in 2007 discovered that eating processed meat increases the risk of getting bowel cancer.
  15. There would be 4,000 fewer cases of this cancer if people had less than 70 g of processed meat in one week.

References: foodmatters.tv
Video: BuzzFeed