15 Rules Of Behavior Etiquette You Must Know

Good manners and good behavior are never old fashioned or useless.

Still, rules are simple and some of them are good speech and vocabulary choice, restrain emotions, courtesy and good appearance.

15 Rules Of Behavior Etiquette You Must Know

Here you can learn more on these rules:

  1. When walking with someone and he says hello, you have to say hello too, even if you don’t know them
  2. When outside, keep phones and similar gadgets away from you and pay attention to the people, unless you want them to think you are bored. Stop with the Facebook updates.
  3. Sushi is eaten with chopsticks only? Men can use their hands.
  4. Do not ask a woman for a date if you text all night long, and never someone else.
  5. After getting help, always thank the person and never think it is for granted.
  6. Men should take the woman’s coat, but never take their bag in their hand.
  7. Do not engage in empty small talks on the phone. See the people in person.
  8. Never stare at someone. It is rude and also talking loudly is rude too.
  9. If it is raining, do not drive too fast – pedestrians can be splashed!
  10. When at the movies, theater or concert, see the people while you search for your seat.
  11. If your apology is accepted by someone, make sure you never apologize again
  12. Men should respect women
  13. Keep 9 things secret – religion, age, medical issues, gifts, family issues, affairs, wealth, disgrace and honor.
  14. Fashion is important and never be the one that follows a fashion, go for things that look good on you.
  15. When entering a room, greet with everyone regardless of their age or profession.

All these rules make us better people in general. At times, such manners need time to remember and practice too, but they will make you a better person. This is always in trend!

Source: healthyfoodhouse.com