Only 13 Reasons why Apple Cider Vinegar Is Cure For Everything

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The benefits of this vinegar are countless with each day. It is hard to know what is for what since the benefits are too many. We have reduced the best of the best in our article.

The organic and raw ACV is not just for salads. Read below:

1. A lot of acetic acid

A Japanese study proved this acid controls the pressure of blood and fat deposits too. European experts examined sodium acetate influence with the acetic acid on glucose in blood and other issues linked to this too when a meal is considered as well. Acetic acid is NOT vinegar per se, it is more a bacteria in the vinegar. This bacteria is byproduct of fermenting  and gives many benefits. During this process, acetic acid bacteria grows in the liquid form and with time it turns to non-toxic slimy material. This is called the “mother”. Many producers of the vinegar remove this ‘mother’ with many filters but for healthy consuming get raw vinegar and not distilled one. The ‘mother’ gives the special flavor and odor in the vinegar. Acetic acid content is 4-7% in distilled and 5-6% in raw wine vinegar. The Bragg vinegar has up to 5.14% acetic acid.

Extra tip: FDA claims diluted acetic acid is NO vinegar and must not be consumed for healthy diets.

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2. Cancer fighting

The cancer is a dangerous silent killer and not always gives signs. Over 1.6 million USA people in 2014 had cancer diagnoses and also recorded were ½ million death cases due this. Cancer is the 4th cause of death for Americans. Studies showed vinegar can prevent or slow down some cancers.  Ina  study in China, it was said that veggies and vinegar reduce esophagus cancer. But in another Serbian study, results showed having vinegar lessens chances of bladder cancer to 4.4 times. So, vinegar fights tumor formations due to the acetic acid bacteria.

3. Disinfecting and killing bacteria

Before official studies were made, Hippocrates used vinegar for wound healing 2,000 years ago. Modern studies proved vinegar to kill E. coli and also S. aureus. It is maybe less potent than commercial items like the Clorox, but is chemical free and safe for even food preserving and washing.

4. Lowering bad cholesterol and keeping heart healthy

The greatest risk of bad high cholesterol is many other issues linked to it. Once the arteries are clogged, you might even have heart attack. The ACV lowers bad cholesterol due to the chlorogenic acid that lowers the bad LDL cholesterol. This prevents accumulation in the bloodstream. One research on rats could or could not have been directly linked to humans. In one study with more than 70,000 women, more intake of oil and vinegar in salads reduced their ischemic heart problem risks.

5. Preventing diabetes and lowering postprandial glycaemia

If you do not know what this last term is it means high blood sugar after eating. A great risk for pre-diabetes and even diabetes 2. Pre-diabetes means one has high blood glucose but almost like diabetes 2. If this is not confirmed and treated it will lead to diabetes 2 in a decade. Arizona University experts stated that having vinegar juice means you get 20 g ACV, 49 g water and 1 tsp saccharine after eating and this makes a decrease of 35%. The other way to lower this glycaemia is to walk at least 15 min after eating and not lie down as we all do.

6. Reducing teeth infections and bacteria

There was a test with 100 teeth included and exposed to the E. facealis, the bacteria that was linked to the ACV reducing of bacteria. It does not fully remove it though. This was tested on extracted teeth from the root canal.

7. ACV can improve insulin sensitivity to diabetes 2 people

The American Diabetes Association made a study in 2003 with 3 groups of people. They had a mix of 20 g ACV, 40 g water and 1 tsp saccharine after 2 min of eating. The meal was a white bagel, butter and orange juice. The groups also had some people with diabetes 2 and no diabetes at all but insulin sensitivity. Some were even insulin resistant. In total there were 29 people.

The study proved that ACV increases the sensitivity to insulin by 34% and for those with diabetes 2 for 19%. Dr. Mercola said diabetics type 2 had better glucose levels in the blood and the pre-diabetics had lowered blood glucose.

8. Losing weight

Japanese experts proved in ne study how acetic acid deals with fat tissues. The study was done on mice and some was done on people. the experts put 2 groups mice on fat diets. Then, one group had acetic acid and the other not. Those with the acid had less body fat compared to the rest.  For the test on people, 175 obese people were gathered in 2 groups. Both had more or less similar regimes for food and some had vinegar some not. After 12 weeks, those with vinegar lost 1-2 lbs. yes, vinegar can break down some fat cells but it is not a miracle greater than healthy food and workouts!

9. Detox

We are exposed to many toxins I these modern times. We must at least have a healthy diet. The ACV content makes us flush the toxins more easily. Also, you can add ACV in the tub and Epsom salts too. This makes the lymph system work better and release the toxins.

10. Candida

This is a parasite bacteria that is due to too much yeast growth and it results in less energy, bad digestion, yeast infection, canker sores and other signs. The overgrowth of candida means you have bad and poor diet with too much carbs and sugars and it means the gut flora is impaired by antibiotics or even birth control. The ACV can help you to remove the candida. Also, lemon water is a good example too. It makes digestion better and the acid-alkaline balanced. Healthy bacteria will thrive in the gut again. The vinegar was famously used even for foot fungi and mold removal.  Yeast is a fungus and ACV would help this by keeping all parasites away.

11. No muscle fatigue after workout

This fatigue is due to mineral or electrolyte deficit. Before a workout, have 1 tbsp ACV and water to prevent this. We remove  excess lactic acid easily only when our natural pH is balanced. This is also crucial for oxygen in our body during workout.

12. Less sunburn and bug bites

If you have either bug bite or sunburn, use ACV. For sunburns, this vinegar and water in equal parts can soothe the skin with a cotton material too. Or, relax in the shower with lukewarm water and ACV. For bug bites, use ACV directly on the bite.

13. Dandruff

Blend same parts water and ACV to apply on the scalp. Use spray bottle or dipped cloth. After 1-2 hours rinse. For even better outcome, do this 2 times per week.

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