The 11 Ways A Dehydrated Body Is Turning Obese And Sick

Humans are just like plants and need water essentially. Otherwise it dies! But we are different than plants in the way of dehydration. We become tired, have seizures, asthma, gain weight, or feel dizzy and even die!

This issue can be minor and serious major. Even the minor one is really serious for the health.

The 11 Ways A Dehydrated Body Is Turning Obese And Sick

Here are the complications:

  1. Irritability- more mood swings
  2. Fatigue- we feel tired all the time. Athletes that have not enough water get drained easily.
  3. Speedy aging- the water gives more oxygen to the body and keeps skin smooth and nurtured. And if we dehydrate we have risk of more chronic issues.
  4. Spiking in pressure- blood is more condensed with no water. This stops the healthy blood flow and increases pressure. And this leads to strokes, attacks and death.
  5. Skin problems- lack water makes irritated skin and acne. This is because the toxins do not get flushed out. With no water also there is risk of dermatitis and psoriasis.
  6. Pain in joints- knees and joints bear our weight and if not hydrated they get painful.
  7. High cholesterol- this is because the body acts like natural defense. High cholesterol needs more water retention.
  8. Asthma and allergy- we get more of these issues with not enough water. The throat and nose feel congested and breathing is harder.
  9. Weight gain- this means more water weight, more craving and feeling hungry all the time.
  10. Bladder and kidney issues- these 2 get more infections than other organs. They need to flush toxins out with water.
  11. Digestion issues- the colon for a good work function needs water. Without it digestion slows down or stops. This leads to ulcers and gastritis.

So all of this means, grab 8 glasses water per day and have activities for the body too. Be healthier!