By Doing This Once a Week You Will Have a Face 10 Years Younger!

10-years-youngerThis comes from Japanese women and their beauty culture – skin benefits of rice!

To have and apply rice bran oil on skin or rice bran powder or rice water, makes the skin like porcelain, smooth and spotless. Also, add more rice in the diet to get more antioxidants too!

The rice offers a lot of linoleic acid and squalene, antioxidants that protect the collagen in the skin tissues. That substance prevents wrinkles. Also, squalene is like a sunscreen too. A lot of viamin E and gamma oryznol are in the rice and this keeps the heart healthy and the bad cholesterol at bay.

The rice is a magic for the skin and especially Japanese people know this.

Read below about the recipe for facial rice mask that smoothens out fine lines and makes skin glowy.

For this mask you need:

  • 3 tbsp rice
  • 1 tbsp milk
  • 1 tbsp honey

Boil the rice and then strain it before you put it aside. Keep the water from the boiling. To it add a spoon of heated milk in the rice so mix well. After the mixing, add honey.

Apply on clean face and let it dry. After this, remove the mask and wash with the rice water from the boiling.

This rice water is antioxidant and healing too; also it moisturizes and improves blood flow under the skin, reduces age spots and inflammation. The rice water makes your skin clean and perfect. Also, it can protect from the sun, but a little bit.

Do this AT LEAST once weekly.

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