10 Things You Didn’t Know about the Vagina

10-things-vaginaWomen often read many articles about intimate facts and health for their genitals. Often it is a taboo topic, even with some experts. But, if you are a woman, be proud of that and know more about your body to take care of it better.

  1. Sex is really healthy- it makes you happy and satisfied but also reduces chances of breast cancer, improves metabolism, boosts immunity, removes stress, reduces heart risks and makes you look glowing and healthy.
  2. Female orgasms are more complex than we thought – the orgasm in females in not achieved only by penetration, some women never even had it! Clitoral stimulation is needed too and better positions during intercourse.
  3. The importance of lubrication- it is really important to get a good lubricant to avoid pain or dryness in the intimate area. Mostly used are coconut lube, Astroglide or jellies like the synthetic KY.
  4. NO douching – every vagina has its own distinct smell and douching can be harmful. If there is an unpleasant odor and weird discharge contact the doctor as soon as possible, don’t douche! This way you won’t notice infections in time and disrupt the pH and natural lubrication.
  5. Proper exercises are vital! – the intimate muscles are really powerful and stretchy, especially for births, so it might feel lose after having a child. Regular sex is one exercise. Also many vaginal workouts can solve the problem.
  6. Discharge is natural but not at all costs – it is natural to have discharge, but if you never have it, it is also fine. Every body is different from the other; the discharge amount depends on cycles in every woman. If there is strong odor, burning or discomfort, you need a doctor.
  7. Inside can be outside – it sounds strange but the vagina can fall out! It is known as Pelvic prolapse when the vagina turns inside out and can hang between the legs! No worries, this is easily fixed.
  8. Clotting is normal too- the menstrual blood has a different flow from other body parts. This “blood” is actually the uterine lining where a fetus grows, so the womb needs blood to be prepared. Clots during periods are normal, but large and strange clots can be examined.
  9. Pee?- men urinate from the penis, but women don’t urinate from the vagina. There is an opening above the vaginal opening and under the clitoris, in the middle, where the urethra is located.
  10. Many vulva types- every vulva is unique and different, no wrong or right look.

Source: www.simpleorganiclife.org