10 reasons why to have a Himalayan salt block and its method of use

We know that you have heard about some magical stuffs about the Himalayan salt. But, have you heard about all those wonderful things of the Himalayan pink salt block?


The Himalayan pink salt block I great for a good reason. Not just do these colorful crystals make tastier, healthier and more delicious meals, but they are also so pretty to look at. Here are 10 reasons why you must have this Himalayan pink salt block in your kitchen.

1.  Add good minerals to the food

If you cook on a pink salt block, you will naturally impart the amazing benefits of the Himalayan salt into the food. Some of those health benefits include stabilizing hydration levels, balancing the pH level, reducing acid reflux and improving digestion. Also, the amount of absorbed salt depends on many factors – thickness, moisture level and oil content of the prepared food, and also the temperature of the block.

2. Better taste than the table salt

In addition to the plain table salt, the Himalayan salt contains more than 80 trace minerals and some other elements. This makes the Himalayan pink salt better for the health, and also it has a more complex flavor. Those meals that are prepared on this block will take on something of that complexity, turning the foods into interesting and new experience.

3. A hint of salt

The Himalayan pink salt has minimal moisture retention and low porosity. Because of these two things, the salt won’t just right upon contact make the food into a salty mess. It will impart only a hint of its amazing salt flavor into the food.

4. Anti-microbial surface

Unlike the other cooking and food-preparation surface, you will never have to carry about the germs on this pink salt block. This is also because to the low moisture retention and low porosity of the salt that creates this anti-microbial environment and it is natural.

5. High temperature resistance

If you want to prevent those cracks of the surface, the salt blocks need to be heated slowly. Also the Himalayan pink salt has high temperature resistance and its melting point is over 800°C, making it great for the high-heat cooking. Be sure to have a great salt block holder.

6. Amazing heat distribution

Because of the crystalline structure of the salt, the heat spreads through the whole block instead of radiating out from the middle of the salt and cooling toward the edges. The food that is prepared on the salt block will cook at exactly the same pace whether it is in the corner, in the exact center or anywhere in between.

7. Holds the temperature longer

The Himalayan pink salt blocks, because of the crystalline structure hold their temperature, whether it be cold or hot – longer than the other serving and cooking surfaces. So, you don’t have to worry about your food that is prepared on the salt block getting too warm or cold while you finish the other things.

8. Use chilled or heated

Because most of us got the salt blocks with the amazing idea to cook the food on them, some of the most amazing dishes you will make on the block are those served cold.

9. Food cures through the contact

The raw foods like the sashimi will start to cure the longer they stay on the salt block. This is amazing to watch for both adults and children.

10. Blocks double like serving platters

The blocks are so intriguing and beautiful that is impossible to not use them like serving platters. The owner of The Meadow and the American food writer – Mark Bitterman captured this amazing idea perfectly when he said that there is an immediacy and a tactility to have this big white hot block of this 600-million-year-old pink salt on the table, which turns us all into apes. It is just this luminous, gorgeous thing.

How to use the Himalayan Salt Block

When you buy a Himalayan pink salt block, the care and use instructions always have to be included with the slab. You have to follow those provided guidelines first, to be sure to get the longest life and best results out of the HPS block.

Designate a “Bottom” and “Top”

You should always cook the food on the same side of the salt block. On this way, you will prolong the life of the slab by slowing the expansion of the existing fissures in the salt and deterring cracking.

Heat it slowly

The HPS has to be heated at no more than 200°C increase per 15 minutes. This salt it is a natural product with flaws and fault lines. But don’t heat the block too quickly.


The Himalayan salt blocks can get so hot and stay how for a long time. So, you should protect the hands and the kitchen surfaces by buying a sturdy rack upon which to carry the block. Also, you can get a high-heat resistant gloves. A hot salt block can burn your fingers, so you should get a leather welding gloves.

Don’t oil the salt block

If you really need to use oil, you should brush it lightly on the food. If you apply the oil directly to the salt block, that will work its way into those cracks. The oil can go rancid and then you will have to throw the salt block. Also, it can catch fire, so be careful.

Never try to wash it

Just a little bit of washing will be needed. This is that one area where you have to pay attention. You have to use a damp sponge, scrub it lightly and pat the surface dry at the moment. The water and the salt are very good friends. But Mr Water can sweep Ms Salt right out of the arms and down the drain.

Use the block frequently

The more you use the block, the better you will get at it. When you get the knack it, you might become more creative in the kitchen.

Source and image: www.naturallivingideas.com