10 Industrial Uses for Coke That Prove it is Not Good For Us

Coca – Cola is popular in the world like the most valuable brand in the history and also the second most recognized phrase on the planet after “Hello.”

In many places around the world buying a Coke is ironically less expensive and easier than the access to clean water.

Although the Coke tries to present itself like an environmentally and socially conscious company, the real truth is that it is connected to water shortages and pollution.

Also, the acidity of Coke has led many to ask the toxicity of the drink, relating to long-term health, because its pH rating is one point higher than the pH rating of battery acid.

In one study by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, the researchers discovered that persons who consumed minimum one soda a day had a 44 percent higher risk of developing metabolic syndrome during the 4 year study.

The crew studied 2,400 and more middle aged white residents of Framingham, Mass., especially focusing on more than 1,600 people who haven’t shown signs of metabolic syndrome when the study started. Then, these persons were tracked by the team for at least 4 years.

Those people who drank minimum one soda can per day also had:

  • a 30% higher risk of getting a larger waistline
  • a 31% higher risk of becoming obese
  • a 32% higher risk of having low levels of good cholesterol
  • a 25% higher risk of having low good cholesterol levels
  • a trend toward an increased risk of high blood pressure

In another study, it was discovered that people have a 48% increased risk of stroke or heart attack when drinking one or more soda cans per day, in a comparison to those that don’t drink it every day.

The soft drink consumption has also been connected to respiratory disorders like as asthma and COPD.

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