10 Incredible Reasons why Sex is Good for You

We all love it. It makes us feel good. But how much do we know that it can be also good for us.

Let’s see why it is healthy.

  1. Lowered risk of a heart attack

According to a medical research, the hormones released during sex make the blood move more through the blood vessels, thus preventing you from a stroke or a heart attack.

  1. Reduced depression

It has been also proved that those same hormones are like anti depressants. There was also another study according to which unprotected sex affects even more anti-depressingly, since the hormone that semen contains prostaglandin, when absorbed from the vagina has the same effect as an antidepressant. Of course this does not necessarily mean condoms should be avoided.

  1. Easier breathing

It is like antihistamine which fights against asthma and fever.

  1. A change for an exercise

Make sure you have sex when you have days off at the gym. Sex is definitely an excellent way to exercise. It burns about 96 calories in 20 minutes, so you do the math how long will you need to have sex to burn all those calories you want out of you.

  1. You look younger

It has been proved that this is the key to the youthful look. Why? Because it reduces the stress, it makes you sleep better; it improves the quality of your skin… All in all, do it as often as you can.

  1. Lessens the pain

Yes, you got that right. So don’t run for the medicines, run for an orgasm. It somehow blocks the pain. The hormone it releases makes your body tolerant to pain. It eases the pain of menstrual cramps, headache and some other conditions.

  1. Helps you live longer

According to some Welsh studies, the relation mortality-sex frequency came to be really important since it said that people who have had sex at least twice a week compared to those who have had once a month, lived significantly longer. The age, social class or any other status, are not important. What is important, is sex.

  1. Prevents you from osteoporosis

Regular sex means having a higher testosterone level which is directly connected to lower risk of osteoporosis and problems with the bones.

  1. Reduces the stress

Sex and intimacy really boost your health, your self-esteem, your happiness… Hugging, kissing and touching your partner, reduces the stress and anxiety. So have sex and then enjoy the cuddling.

10. Improves your immune system in general

Having sex regularly defends your body from viruses and germs. You are less sick because you have more antibodies.

Do we need to say more? Go and have sex!